Portland, Oregon Meetups

I should be able to make the 17th as well.

Cool so that's 3 of us so far.

Reposting this bit since we're on a new page:

"While I don't think Boogle's responded yet, looking at the survey it looks like most everyone is happy to be flexible on the date but there's a fairly strong first preference to see if we can get together to play board games. Also at least one person is working Saturdays so Sunday would be helpful.

I can offer to host at my house on Sunday November 17th. I'm in inner SE near Division and Powell.

Let me know here if that can work for you all and I'll settle on a time (right now I'm thinking the afternoon) and then direct message you my address.

- Rahmen"

I can probably make that.

Sunday the 17th looks good to me at this point. Thanks Rahmen for being willing to host!

Yeah, I think I can do that.

Most likely in.

I'm gonna end up having a lunch thing with friends, it looks like, so I probably won't make it.

Ok so it seems like we have enough interest so I’ll definitely plan on having you all over that day. Looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, I'm out on that day (D&D day!), but I hope you all have fun!

Sorry you won't be able to join us.

I think we'll start at 2pm on Sunday. I'll have a few snacks and things ready but feel free to bring some.
I also have a few board games but bring some too if you've got them.

If anyone has something crunchier they are hoping people might play, it might be good to post what you might be bringing so people might be able to try and familiarize themselves ahead of time. If you do bring something, come ready to show us how to play.

I'll send a PM later today to those who entered their names in the survey with my address. If you didn't or read this later, send me a PM if you need it.

I've sent out the PMs with my address. If you don't get it, post here or better yet send me a PM.

A few people have checked in to reconfirm they will make it tomorrow. Let me know if you still need my address and if you can still make it. It’ll help with my planning.

Sorry I couldn't make it, everyone. I really wanted to, but the last couple of weeks, especially last week, my anxiety and insomnia have been cranked really high. I needed a day completely at home, nothing to do. No driving, riding in cars, etc.

I'll make the next one.

No problem, DSGamer!

Thanks for hosting Rahmen! It was a lot of fun!

My pleasure. It was great seeing everyone who could make it.

Anyone have any thoughts about another afternoon in January or February?

Pirate Bob wrote:

Anyone have any thoughts about another afternoon in January or February?

Up for doing one, for sure.