Legend of Grimrock II

Thanks to the generosity of Natus, I got a key for LoG2.
Got so engrossed that I ended up marathoning the whole thing over the weekend... 20 hours over three days...
I definitely appreciate that this is a better game in almost every way from the first. Loved the open endedness of it, I really felt like I was on an island and going back and forth. Loved that they varied the scenery so it wasn't quite as much dungeon delving. Liked some of the new classes, or at least in theory.

Still have a few complaints, but they're minor. I had an alchemist with maxed firearms, but bullets were not nearly commonplace enough to use all the time, but guns didn't do enough damage to make the scarce ammo feel like an appropriate trade off. Also, I'd like to see something more interesting for Ogre Grip. Really, all it did was let me use a two-handed heavy weapon with a shield (which is good, certainly, but I'd like the option of dual wielding). Plus I think that the one bracer that increases energy regeneration at the cost of increased food consumption is bugged. I swear my character kept the increased food consumption even after having removed the bracer.

Still, overall, definitely liked the game a lot. Thinking about going back and trying a different set of characters, which I didn't want to do with LoG1.

Also, I really want the old game Stonekeep ported to this engine.