The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Catch-All

For any of the veterans out there, does anyone recall how you go about selling some of the more expensive items? I've got a couple daedric and enchanted items I don't need, but the price is far more than anyone I've found so far has available.

I've started pushing the Redoran quests along just so I can get a house to dump that stuff in.

EDIT: I've since learned you can "invest" in shops by selling them gold, and that this permanently increases the amount of gold they have available every 24 hours. Maybe this is what I need to do going forward.

I'm also stymied in one part of of the Fighters Guild quests. I'm also a member of the Thieves Guild, and I have a quest to obtain a code book from a Thieves Guild member. If you're not a Thieves Guild member, you can apparently just bribe her to give the book to you, but if you ARE a member, she says you have to choose who you're loyal to and will never give you the book. I've tried pickpocketing it from her, but without success so far. I've read that pickpocketing in Morrowind is kind of broken. If I get my Sneak up to 100 and still can't swipe it, i may resort to console command shenanigans.

The merchants in Morrowind are fairly poor compared to the gear you obtain. The Mudcrab Merchant and Creeper are the richest:

One good idea is to save your gear and bring it to a merchant with an expensive item/artifact that you want. Sure, he may only have 2000 gold, but if he is selling something amazing for 10,000, you have solved the problem. You may end up overpaying for some things, but it will be okay in the long run.

And you are smart to secure a place to store your stuff; you'll need it. My houses/dump-everything-on-the-floor grounds, in order:

Fargoth’s House (Seyda Neen)
Gra-Bol’s House (Balmora)
Ienas Sarandas's House (Ald'ruhn)
St. Delyn Waist North-Two (Vivec)
Indarys Manor

The code book quest is tricky. There are some notes how to solve this one on

The whole UESP is indispensable: I mean, don't spoil things for yourself, but I found it really helps for some more confusing or more esoteric quests.

Archangel wrote:

My houses/dump-everything-on-the-floor grounds, in order:

Gra-Bol’s House (Balmora)

Yup, that's the best. After that I like the inn in Caldera across from Creeper. Spacious and you don't have to kill all the npc's if you turn to squatting in the biggest upstairs room for rent.

Thanks. Creeper has been helpful. I should make a point to find the Mudcrab merchant.

UESP has also been an increasingly common companion this playthrough, which showed me why I couldn't seem to bribe Sottilde to give me the code book. Guess I'll just keep trying to pickpocket it from her when my path takes me through Balmora.

Lovely to hear people still enjoying Morrowing 18 years after release!

Inventory wise I've still got a save game from 2002 or 2003 where I've stored all of my loot in the boxes in Balmora near the Mages/Fighters guild. There are loads of them so I clean them out and sell the rubbish. There's shops handy and I can peruse my stuff easily although the boxes do have a weight limit.

I'm now a House Father in the Great House Redoran, and my stronghold stands tall in Bal Isra. It's.. kind of inconvenient in terms of location, honestly, but hey. It'll do. And yeah, I could mod a better house in, but I'm keeping things pretty vanilla here. It was nice to offload some heavy unique items I've been lugging around.

I'm also pretty deep into the main quest at this point. I've been cured of Corprus disease, and Caius Cosades has been recalled to Cyrodiil. Now my task is to find the Lost Prophecies of the Nerevarine, and hope the Ashlanders can help guide me.

My other factions quests are all over the place. I mainlined Redoran somewhat, so I'm furthest along with them. I don't have the necessary skills to get promoted further in the Mages Guild and Temple, which is limiting what I can do for them. That's not a problem with the Imperial Legion, Imperial Cult, Fighter's Guild, Thieves Guild, and Morag Tong. That last one is still only a couple quests along, but I'm eager to make more progress. I'm probably going to continue focusing on faction quests before finishing the main quest.

Skyrim was my introduction to Elder Scrolls. If only there was a remastered edition of III...

Have to keep hopes up for Skywind!

Morroblivion's pretty all right.

If I ever play again, I'll likely play one of those remake/overhaul projects. I've really enjoyed my time with the original, but there are a lot of mechanical and design issues that make it pretty clunky. At the very least, I'll be a lot more aggressive with mods that update the experience.

I wrapped up the House Redoran and Thieves Guild faction quests. Sadly, I didn't realize finishing the Thieves Guild would shortcut the Robin Hood-esque Bal Molagmer questline as well. I really liked how the Thieves Guild story line has you directly interfering in the Fighters Guild, culminating in the murder of the Fighters Guild's leader. Presumably this means I won't be able to finish that faction quest line, but I'm ok with having some consequences in an RPG.

I do still have some open Fighters Guild quests, along with faction members there who like me, so I'll wrap up whatever I can in the meantime. Then I think I'll see how far up the ranks I can rise in the Imperial Legion.

Are the overhaul mods available via steam workshop or something more involved?

Thank you,

Depends if you're talking about the Overhaul Modpacks for the original Morrowind Game - i.e. a collection of mods for the original game (although I think most of them are abandoned by now - MGSO & Morrowind Rebirth ) - or one of the Morroblivion / Skywind versions. The latter are actually mods for the more modern version - the groups are trying to recreate the Morrowind game in a more modern engine.

I dont know a lot about Morroblivion, and while Skywind looks great from what I've seen, it is not available to the public as yet.

I played through it last year using Open Morrowind and the "I heart Vanilla" mod list:

Nice! I didn't realise OpenMW was that far down the road.

Anyone got a view on preference between Steam Morrowind with mods or Morroblivion?

I’ve dipped in and out of Morrowind over the past few years but have never had another complete run through for over a decade. Feel as tough I need to now.

I discovered that even if you kill the leader of the Fighters Guild during the Thieves Guild quests, you can still become Grandmaster of the Fighters Guild. The Fighters Guild quests also culminate in killing the guild’s corrupt leadership. So I leapt over whatever ranks I had in between and now lead both the Fighters and Thieves Guilds.

I was also able to finish the Imperial Cult and Imperial Legion quests. You get a ton of amazing gear from those two, and I’m rocking several pieces of clothing and light armor with Constant Effect enchantments protecting against magic and physical attacks. The Imperial Cult quests in particular had some really neat dungeons and quests. You have to slog through some egregious fetch quests before you get to those, though. Interestingly, I didn’t have to rise to the highest promotion ranks in order to finish the Cult’s quests.

I’d like to finish up the Tribunal Temple and Mages Guild quests, but my skills just aren’t in the right place for it right now. It’s time to focus on the main quest, and take my place as the Nerevarine Incarnate.

Hello everyone. I would sure like to try a revamped Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim is my most played game ever.
I own a PC and the Elder Scrolls games on PC. What is the easiest best bang-for-the buck experience to try an updated Elder Scrolls experience? Thank you, Chad

Wrapped up the main quest yesterday! The Devil Dagoth Ur is defeated, the Blight has vanished, and blue skies appear over Red Mountain.

This is still one of the all time great CRPGs. You marinate in the world and atmosphere, and absorb bits of information here and there that contribute to your overall understanding of the world. Information is there for you to find and read if you want. If you don't want to, well, the game's not going to hold your hand. The factions (joinable and otherwise) are believable, the betrayals sharp, and the reveals regarding Dagoth Ur, the Dwemar, and Nerevar manages to feel organic in a way few stories (game or otherwise) at all manage. And, of course, you're still left to interpret events and revelations yourself, rather than the game just giving you an answer.

Other than a quick jaunt through the Ghostgate to complete the 7 pilgrimages required to join the Temple faction, I avoided Red Mountain for my entire playthrough. What a miserable place! Blood red skies, zero visibility, and eldritch horrors litter the landscape. I had little memory of this area from my original playthrough. You're tasked with grabbing two artifacts from a couple dungeons, as well as given the option to clear out a few others before you enter Dagoth Ur's citadel. You get some great loot from these dungeons, but they're all really short. I was worried each one would be a massive, multi-level affair. Instead, the entirety of Red Mountain is the "final dungeon," with each enemy citadel acting as a "floor" to clear. Killing each lieutenant in their citadel is supposed to weaken Dagoth Ur, but the wiki says this doesn't end up working under the hood.

The final chamber, with the half completed Akulakahn/Second Numidium suspended over a lake of lava, is pretty cool. I like that the final "battle" is to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan, rather than duking it out with Dagoth Ur. He harasses you, but his cry of "What are you doing??" when he realizes you're there to destroy the Heart rather than take its power really struck me. Dagoth Ur, Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil were all unable to resist the Heart's power. It's inconceivable that my character would be able to, but I suppose more than anything else that's what makes me the Nerevarine.

After wrapping up some loose ends and dropping off a mountain of loot at my stronghold, I teleported to Mournhold to begin the Tribunal expansion. I haven't played this before, so I'm curious to meet the other members of the Tribunal and see why the Dark Brotherhood came after me.

Chooka1 I don't have too many recommendations for an overhauled experience. My Morrowind mod list kept things pretty vanilla:

Morrowind Code Patch -
Better Heads 2 -
Better Bodies –
Better Clothes -
Better Dialogue Font -
Morrowind Texture Pack -
Real Signposts -
Morrowind Graphics Extender -

There are bigger overhaul mods like Morrowind Rebirth which make larger changes to the game. Not something I'd recommend for first time players, but something I could see myself using if I ever play again from scratch.

One thing I've been curious to try out is Daggerfall Unity. They ported the game to the Unity engine, and it supports a ton of mods working on that engine. You can play it pretty much vanilla, or significantly revamp your experience, or just modernize the control scheme and keep everything else pretty much the same. It looks neat, at least.

Thank you beanman. For some reason I thought nexus mods went away. I used to use it for Fallout.
A good place to start. One modded, does Morrowind feel like too much of a step back from Skyrim?

Well, you should go into Morrowind expecting it to behave like a game from 2002. It's got more rough edges to its mechanics and presentation. Things like managing stamina and walk speed, and dealing with the anemic jump height. Combat is based on dice rolls, not skill based like Oblivion or Skyrim. The amount of reading you have to do to absorb the worldbuilding and storytelling is high. f*cking cliff racers everywhere.

The high points I mentioned in my earlier posts made dealing with all of that worth it to me, but I can't really answer whether or not the same is true for you. The mods I installed were to help the presentation, but I kept the overall experience really close to vanilla. Nexus Mods is still going strong, and there are tons of other mods that make more aggressive changes to the world and gameplay. It might be worth checking those out, but I'd try the game as-is first and see if you think you can deal with its peculiarities. I think it's worth sticking with it.

Morrowind also doesn't scale enemy encounters like the newer games. Save often and in the early game expect to be killed by the first thing you see in a dungeon.

The quest system is also journal based so you won't have quest markers making it easy to know where to go next. They'll say things like 'follow the river to a bridge and turn left".

Yeah, there's way less hand-holding when it comes to navigating the world, finding quest locations, and letting you accidentally wander into high-level areas or dungeons.

I've put a few hours into the Tribunal expansion and it's pretty interesting. So far it takes place in the city of Mournhold, on the Morrowind mainland. It's built on top of the ruins of a much older city, so a large chunk of the game involves navigating old sewers, caverns, and ruins beneath the bright shiny surface. I've always liked the "city built atop ruins" idea, but in Tribunal the technological limitations of the time limit what they're able to depict. It's pretty drab undergound, so the aesthetic isn't doing much for me.

On the other hand, there's a lot you can tell they did in direct response to issues in the base game. Vendors have tons of gold for selling items. There seems to be a higher density of quest giving NPCs. The side quests are a lot more creative and even whimsical at times. You can hire companions to fight with you and carry your stuff. I ignored the grim-faced mercenary I encountered, but leapt at the opportunity to hire a literal pack rat: a rat with bags on his back that will follow you around or stay where you tell him, and carries up to 100 pounds of stuff.

Enemies are pretty high level. Since I'm at level 50 they haven't given me too much trouble. But I was shocked when I did a sneak attack on an enemy and it aggro'd everyone in the vicinity. I spent the past 100 hours abusing the fact that sneak attacks with the bow only aggros one enemy at a time. I'm using more healing potions, and actually improving my various armor skills again since I'm taking a decent amount of damage again.

So yeah, overall I'm enjoying the expansion. It doesn't sound like it's very long, so I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.

mrwynd wrote:

Morrowind also doesn't scale enemy encounters like the newer games. Save often and in the early game expect to be killed by the first thing you see in a dungeon.

As I recall there was a kind of scaling where more difficult enemies just didn't spawn in most areas until you hit a certain level, and this was defined on an area by area basis. For example, I remember thinking you needed to be level sixteen to see Golden Saints anywhere, and even then only in Daedric Ruins (which is important cause they got them good souls). Each region had different lists of what showed up at what level, so afterwards towards level 20 you'd start seeing more Golden Saints out and about. The result a pretty craggy difficulty curve, where maybe level 10 is way easier than level 11.

The enemies themselves didn't scale. A rat was a rat was a rat. If you managed to find a high level baddie who would show up no matter your level, you'd probably get roasted immediately. But even that had a little nobility because at level two you probably had to run away from the fantasy equivalent of a rabid squirrel. I would believe some of the humanoid enemies scaled, though.

Yeah the Bitter Coast isn't that bad a place, as far as swamps go. Then you come back after a few hours away, having leveled up a bunch, and now there are Cliff Racers everywhere.

tbf it wouldn't be Morrowind if those pesky cliff racers didn't find you

The Cliff Racer reduction mod was one of the first on my list..

I still say cliff racers are great for leveling up archery.

Wrapped up the Tribunal expansion last night. The overall plot serves as an epilogue to Morrowind's main quest, showing what happens to Almalexia and Sotha Sil, the other two members of the Tribunal referenced throughout the original game. It doesn't end well for either of them. It's sad, especially when you come across Sotha Sil. I wish there had been a little more exploration of those two characters. But overall the expansion shows Bethesda getting more creative with quests, dungeons, and environmental storytelling.

Bloodmoon is up next!

I really need to finish Bloodmoon one day. I've played Morrowind for years and years for (literally) thousands of hours, played parts of the main game numerous times, Tribunal a couple of times, got halfway through Bloodmoon and have never completed it! Not because it's bad or anything...I was enjoying it...but alas, I am easily distracted!