Trove Alpha key

I have an extra Alpha key for Trion's Trove. There are only a few days left of Alpha before it goes to closed beta, but you still get beta!

I wasn't able to find a catch all for this game or even much talk about it, but it is quite fun.

first PM or non-CG post can claim it,

Claimed? If not I'd be interested.

'tis yours. Key PM'd!

Got it and played a bit last night.

Strange eaten by a blocky dragon.

It is a fun, strange little game. Some of the things people have created have been pretty amazing!

The closed beta just started today, so I wonder if the Dragon you saw was an end of Alpha event or something?

Because of a mix up with the extra key I was supposed to get, I now have *another* key I an give to someone else who wants to give it a try.

I'll give it a try if the key is still available.

It is all yours. Enjoy!

Key sent to DeThroned

I should really enjoy this, and purchased into the alpha a long time ago. I'm a big fan of Cube World, but the art style really is a big turn-off for me.

They have given out more keys to supporters, so I have a another key if there is anybody else interested in trying Trove.

I guess there isn't a lot of interest from goodjers for this game but in case any of your kids want to play it I now have 2 extra Beta keys

Also, Trion livestreams about Trove at 1:30 PM PDT on Fridays, and they've been handing out beta keys like candy. They will keep posting 50-use keys as long as they keep getting used up.