Michigan Mini Slap&Tickle Thread

carrotpanic wrote:

I got an early lead with careful use of night power cards and ended up coasting to a victory since the last round didn't yield many points for anyone due to some weak booty and low yield characters.

...I know I predicted drawing nothing but curses, sabers, and Spanish Officers before picking that booty. I just didn't expect it to actually happen! :lol

Fun times! Oh, and Jow--I found a couple of extra "1K" chips from Modern Art on the floor when we were packing up. Not that a couple of chips would REALLY matter, but I'll try to remember to bring them the next time.

As for the 16th, I can't remember if we told you or not carrot, but my wife and I are out for the 16th.

Good to know, thanks. I won't be at the next one so keep 'em warm and safe and I'll get em eventually.


game pieces enjoy their creature comforts too.

I have to work on Saturday...I'm hoping to be finished around 100pm in which case I'm gonna make my way out there...but no promises.

Yeah, I am stopping by. I need a break. What time again?

Noon-Five, then food after.

I might not stay 5 whole hours. I am trying to talk Andrea into seeing a friend while I am out. She'll probably just clean the house. I might be making a lasagna, but I need to see (IE, GWJers welcome for dinner).

John's coming at 1 or so too, I think we'll just play whatever when we have people and as people get there they can wait for the next game to start up or start their own on the side. I think my friend Melissa may be there earlier on.

No lasagna, that is for tonight. So, no dinner with the gorillas.

We ended up playing Waterdeep and Libertalia again. I took both. Waterdeep by a measly 3 points or so!

So Last Night on Earth in a few weeks? Give folks a fighting chance to win a game once in awhile?

You should do that on March 9th when Domano and I will be out of town.

carrotpanic wrote:

You should do that on March 9th when Domano and I will be out of town.

It is very important that the playing of Last Night, coincides with my lending you thousands of pages of Walking Dead material.

I just read the paperback number 2 (which I bought at the shop). Pretty excellent so far!

Can't we just play zombie dice and say we played Last Night?

Also, should we try shooting for March 2 or wait until later in March?

March 2 works for me.

i should also be cool with mar 2.

Yeah, I'm good for March 2nd

incidentally, i trooped into my FLGS (RIW Hobbies at 5 mile and Middlebelt) the other day to pick up the latest Netrunner expansion and noticed that they've moved into an adjacent space and are refurbishing the old space into a gaming room. The cool thing is they also have a pretty extensive game library that I think is free for use as long as the game room is open. If y'all are ever interested in a longer day and/or checking out games from the library to try this might be a cool place to hang.

I'd definitely be down to check that place out. Do you know if they're going to have the space open by March 2nd?

it looks like it will be - it's all furnished and looking quite spiffy. I'll inquire.

I have caught the intrigue of a colleague and her fiancee. Are we set for March 2? What is the address?

Jow's checking on the new place, otherwise we'll go to the ol' regular.

Just checking in to see if any west siders are around.

Still working on this - store dude said they schedule a lot of warhammer events on Saturday but told me to call back tomorrow to find out what the schedule is for this weekend. Will update then.

We can always go in there and just sweep the minis off the table.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Ah, you're an Ork player. Thought I smelled that on ya.