Michigan Mini Slap&Tickle Thread

I have a soccer tournament all day on the 18th...So i can probably make it happen, just in the evening. Last match typically starts at 400, but I have yet to see the schedule.

I think the shop will be closed by then, but I might be able to have something at my place in Farmington Hills if we're only going to get 3 or 4 people out.

They are open until 6 or 7 I believe, closed on most sundays.

Tangential. My urge to get back into Magic is getting stronger. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in maybe once a month playing. I figured we would split costs on some starters and maybe some boosters and all make our own decks from scratch and trade with eachother. And these would be the ones we stick with. I am also seeing these 20 or so dollar 300 card "Deckbuilder's Boxes" that look interesting, looks like a starter pack on steroids with 4 booster packs.



So, let's get a head count for the 18th:

chabuda after 7 pm-ish

I am in. Early PM or the evening, whichever. Bike trip in the morning.

Where is this pow wow going on? my tournament is up in Oakland, by the Palace, so me getting anywhere fast isn't a reality.

You all need to move to the west side. :p

I am keeping an eye on the thread. 18th is definitely out, maybe the 25th, I'll see how it goes.

Chabuda wrote:

Where is this pow wow going on? my tournament is up in Oakland, by the Palace, so me getting anywhere fast isn't a reality.

I'm definitely down to host a few people at night in my small apartment in Farmington. If we have afternoon interest I can also do the comic book shop.

It's looking like I'm actually going to be out both weekends now


Alright so, this Saturday night, 7 pm, we'll have it at my place in Farmington Hills. PM me for my address. If we have a bunch of people we can split into two games or do a group game. Bringing a couple of folding chairs would be nice, since I have 4 chairs for my modestly sized table. Aside from that, we can use the floor

Anyone else interested? PM me!

Well, thanks for KG for showing up. We had a good time, although I regret that White Castle.

You guys can still see if you have people for the 25th at the comic book store, but I won't be able to attend (bachelor party). GL HF and we'll hopefully set something up that more people can attend in September.

Why did I wake up without my pants in a dumpster?

Sounds like a personal problem.

Sounds like you had a good time.

I changed the OP because no one posted in here about getting together today. We'll try to do September.

So little Labor Day hootenanny at my place. Nothing fancy. Pot luck lunch/dinner. Bring a dish. Bring some booze, and just enjoy our freedom.

I can definitely possibly maybe make it. Thank you for the gracious invitation.

1 PM until 7 or 8. PM me for address, Carrot already knows the way.

Edit shaping up to be backyard bbq/tex mex kind of food as an FYI.

So the party ended up being a tick smaller than anticipated, one fellow was working 7-12 days, so he was sleeping a fair bit. Then there was the plague bringer.

To the point, I have this near full case of Molson that I would like to hand off to someone. Free of charge, just I am cutting some of the empty calories, that means not much beer in the house, else I drink it like Pop.

Molson aside, do you think we could gather people at the comic book shop sometime this month? The 15th or 29th? I think Hox is probably out on newborn alert...we would need Domano/Signus and/or other people to make it not just the two of us...

Maybe. Some time this month I know we will be heading to the Ren Fair in Holly. That could also be a good S&T event.

My weekends are not as free as over the summer, Law School and all.

But I think we can test the waters.

Money has been really tight for the past couple of months. Just a bunch of stuff that came up that we're still working our way through. I don't think the 15th is a possibility. The 29th might be but it'll be a while before I could say anything concretely.

I'm good for the 29th if ya'll are

I can be down for the 29th too.

29th it (tentatively) is. We'll see ya out at Pencon, Keldar. No need to stretch that dime on account of us!

i should be able to pull this off. looking forward to finally meeting y'all. Still planning on having it at the store?

Yep yep. I'll call ahead of time and make sure it still exists

We should have a decent turnout, probably enough for a couple of board games at the same time. I am going to make people play Lords of Waterdeep!

Just called the comic book shop guy and he said noon on Saturday would be great. There's a D&D group that rolls through at 5 or 6 but he was confident there was room for all of us (and we'll probably be out of there around then anyway, should they need space). I promised him business, too

I'll bring some board games (Waterdeep, 7 Wonders, Citadels), but bring any you would want to play. I'd prefer to stick to things we can finish in under a couple of hours, so we can play a few different games.

Most I've got to contribute is Dominion or Catan, so if there's interest for those I can bring them