Michigan Mini Slap&Tickle Thread

We played Ground Floor today.

Everyone seemed to enjoy this heavy duty worker placement game. There are a lot of possible spots to place your "time tokens" each time it's your turn, but once you get the basic flow of the game it's not too AP prone. You can figure out what you want to do while other people are taking their turns to keep the game flowing. I ended up winning (I was the only one of the five to have kind of played before) but Cpt was a few measly dollars away from ending the game a round earlier by maxing out his building size, and probably winning. It seemed there were 2-3 solid and different strategies being used and although I won by a fair margin with a 3-worker/no popularity/floor construction strat I don't think that's the only way to win at all. I'm always somewhat relieved when a worker placement game isn't just a race to get more workers ("time tokens" in this case) first. There is definite opportunity cost to expanding your workforce too quickly and you need to build floors to take advantage of the extra tokens you get or it doesn't seem worth it. I know this one has kind of middling scores on Board Game Geek, but I like it quite a bit. It's fairly contentious and offers a few different flavored game theory mini-games within the overall structure, all without any direct conflict per se.


Jow wrote:


Easily the most emotion I've ever seen carrot show was when he realized that I wasn't getting that damn product. Also probably one of the better gaming moments I've had--seriously, that was crazy tense during that turn.

I have emotions D:

Not when you're playing you don't. You're freaking Iceman.


I dunno, I don't think it's good form to whoop it up when I win or complain or pout when I lose. It's easier to avoid the former rather than the latter, though

Sooo....What you're saying is that when I do my victory stance \o/ that's probably not a good thing? Hrm. But how else will I prove my dominance over the competition?!

CptDomano wrote:

But how else will I prove my dominance over the competition?!

Pee on the table, like I do.

Good thing KG's never won.

We played City of Remnants (recap).

Hmm any word on when the next get together would be? My interest in meeting other non children gamers is peeked.

We can do one this Sunday noon thirty in Livonia (deets in the OP).

can't commit yet (health stuff) but i'll let you know before Sunday.

Hmm. Well let's not do this Sunday. No confirmed participants. Will come back with another date later...

Jow and Tetnis, any interest in Pencon?

Things are tough for me right now financially so unless it's local I'm kinda screwed. Plus I work weird hours Sun-Wed 1300-2300. But if anyone is going to make plans for a Saturday or Friday night I can let ya know.

October 27th. Hide your kids, bring your wife. Spooky board games? Probably not but maybe we'll eat candy corn


no, not that either

Just for the record, on the 27th we played 7 Wonders (Jon won) and split up into Race for the Galaxy and Alien Frontiers (Adam won). The 3rd we played Eclipse and I absolutely eviscerated CptDomano for the victory. Next up: the 17th. Does anyone still read this? We haven't had anyone from this thread but Jow and Cpt come out for the last 6 months.

Should I bother to keep posting?

carrotpanic wrote:

Should I bother to keep posting?

However will you gloat about your victories otherwise?

Touche. Notice how I gloss over the many times I lose and shift the focus to what's important?

in space no one can hear you being eviscerated.

and yeah, keep posting. it helps to remind me how much fun i haven't been having and when these things are going down.

Plus it makes me feel bad that I still haven't found the time to make the drive. So yeah, post away.

Michael, Dan, and Toph all threatened to come out too, at various points.

But unlike them, I do not suck.

Haven't seen any of you out here so you're all in the same group as far as I'm concerned!

Aww man, I go back to Seattle the 21st.

We played Terra Mystica today, first time for John, Jow, and myself. I was nomads, John was witches, and Jow was alchemists. I ended up winning, but not by a landslide or anything. I attribute my win to focusing on the round and end of round scoring objectives from the global and bonus tiles. I also shot for two towns, which I hit, and spent most of my priests on cult sacrifices to get some points there as well. The only time I spent workers for spades was in the first round, and I got to stronghold quickly so I could sandstorm the rest of the land I needed. The guy from the shop looked at our game and was surprised we weren't using the cult much through the 3rd turn or so (we ramped it up after that). We also misapplied the "power from bowl II" rule and that possibly benefited me during the final round. I really liked the game and see many plays in the future, but I think it might be hard to teach. There is so much you can do and it's tough to get a sense when you should do what. I think I'll suggest basing first time strategies around the round scoring goals, since that seemed easy for me to grasp.

Another Terra Mystica play!

Cpt's Witches won
Jon's Giants 2nd
My Fakirs 3rd
Kay's Swarmlings 4th
Rich's Cultists 5th

Each place was separated by about 10 points, so it didn't end up being that close. Cpt had the most expansive linked province and founded two towns with his bullsh*t Witch's Ride power. CARPET BASED ECONOMY FOREVER.

carrotpanic wrote:

Cpt had the most expansive linked province and founded two towns with his bullsh*t Witch's Ride power. CARPET BASED ECONOMY FOREVER.

Actually I think I only used that power once on an area in those towns (both of which were expanded from the starting position, thank you very much!). Every other time I used it I was just putting down settlements for the resources later.

Must be nice to have 1w/2g (1w income) worth of stuff every turn! Not to mention the turns where it gave you 2 points for round goal!

interesting to see how it played out 5-player. I keep reading the sweet spot is 4.

Been trying to wrap my brain around the game since we played a couple of weeks ago. It was fun and it's an interesting experience but I kinda regret buying a copy because I don't think it's something i see myself wanting to play again and again frequently. It's just a very mathy experience with a painted-on theme and the only major source of variation, the factions, just tweaks the mathiness without seeming like it does much in the way of providing a different experience. Euro games in a nutshell i guess.