Michigan Mini Slap&Tickle Thread


General interest? Future interest in a Slap&Tickle? Please pass the word along to any other known Michiganders.

Date & Time: ?


RIW Hobbies
29116 5 Mile
Livonia, MI 48154

They're in a little shopping plaza on the north side of 5 Mile just east of Middlebelt.

Activities: Board/card games and socializing

I would come! I could potentially get a car as well for a nearby location.

What do you define as "nearby?" Give me something to work with, here!

I have never been to the area before so i have absolutely no frame of reference:) Preferably would be a couple beers downtown Lansing.

Not that I won't drive 4 hours but if any distance East of Lansing will be subtracted directly from my drive =)

I'll come if I can.

would of love to be there, but i left SE Michigan for SE New Hampshire.

oilypenguin wrote:

Not that I won't drive 4 hours but if any distance East of Lansing will be subtracted directly from my drive =)

I'll come if I can.

4 hours on a school night? O_O

We'd like to see you, but for that to happen you need to be coherent!

Lansing to Novi is about an hour, that's right around Farmington. Hox and King are about 30 minutes east of Novi/Farmington.

If nothing else works out, I'll drive out and have a couple beers with you in Lansing

If it doesn't happen that is ok, too - I just didn't know who was up there:) Would love to hook up with some Goodjers. Never seems to work out for the KC s&ts.

Oh! weeknight.

Reading comprehension fail.

Sorry, Sally. Hope you folks have fun.

Tuesday and Wednesday are no-gos for me. Have to watch the kids until around 9:30-10, which wouldn't put me up there until 11:30-12. Bit late to start drinking away from home.

If we're talking Thursday, I've got options. Monday is a maybe.

Thursday is an option - and actually next Friday/Saturday could be an option as well, now that I am reviewing itinerary with the bride.

Given all the things going on at this point, a week or two out is a little early to know what's going on with the Lady K. During the week is also probably a little much seeing as I work thirds and would probably need to leave around 10ish. Also, there's the whole "not drinking" thing, and I'm a little broke from the trip I just got back from.

I'll keep this in mind as things develop, though.

I would love to come and bring Breander but it's not going to happen this time guys. I'm going on a camping trip to celebrate my finally graduating college. Plus it's 8 hours from where I am. Next time for sure!

The one week I'm not in town... for bars in Lansing I'd suggest The Exchange or The Green Door. For something a little more quiet it's probably best to head toward my neck of the woods in East Lansing, can't go wrong with Beggar's Banquet or The Peanut Barrel.

Thanks for the PM carrot. Yeah, I am in. I am living in Plymouth these days, so I can certainly pop over to East Lansing, Brighton, Novi. The future Missus would certainly like to meet some of my gamer buddies.

If at any point in LoL if I start to suck, she is distracting me with her feminine wiles.

Riiiight. Will be good to meet you, KG. Plymouth, where I grew up!

No probs to anyone who can't make it. Thanks for at least posting in this thread so I can more easily shotgun you PMs next time

Carrot just let me (another Plymouth... gander? ite?) know about this. Not sure I'll be able to make it but I'm bumpin' it and keeping up anyway in case something changes.

Thanks for the heads up cp!

I probably won't be able to make it just due to gas cost. There's a slight chance, I'll keep an eye on the thread... but if anyone else is in the Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo area/corridor, drop me a line, I could definitely make it happen if there's ride-sharing.

Any updates on availability, Sally?

I won't be able to make it. Lansing it a bit too far for me, especially on a work/school night.

btw...I grew up in Canton with lots of hanging out in Plymouth. I still live in the area so if there's a meetup around town somewhere I'll try to make it.

It still might work out for closer to the rest of us instead of Lansing. If not, I'm up for planning some other, more local, outing.

Haven't heard a peep from Sally.

He must be stuck in traffic.


Sorry gang, inlaws have had us travelling the state much more than anticipated and their computer is almost unusable for internet browsing. Sorry it didn't work out!

Bummer dude.

For all the other Michigan (and Michigan Jr./Toledo) gwjers, though, I'd like to have a get together in the next two to three months. Ideas?

My wife is pretty much always looking for an excuse to head up to A2.

May is pretty crappy for me thanks to work. First week of June is the big cutover.

Second week of June is vacation.

After that, I'm open to suggestions.

Nothing special I can think of here. I'd say ArtPrize if there were more people in the area, but unless y'all really wanna look at art it's probably one of the crappier times to come into town.

Hox mentioned that he might be up for a S&T with whomever we could round up on July 8th. Anyone interested?

He'll flake.

Love you hoxie!

Well, he still hasn't posted in this thread, so there's that.