DOTA 2 Catch-all

I just spent the better part of 2 hours watching Dendi from Na'vi play with pubs.

I need to get back into windrunner.

still up, looks like a pre-org friendly match between Na'vi and pulse.

Toddland wrote:
Strangeblades wrote:

I plan on playing with only Goodjers and other associates and friends. No more pubbies for me. I might be 40 years old but goddamn I've got feelings!


That's generally my rule for all online games.

Got another Dota2 to give away

They won't stop giving me invites! (now I have 5) Are they getting ready to launch tutorial/training modes and go full F2P soon?

hello dotas!

Thanks for the invites. I received 3 invites from yall(thx Merphle, demonbox, and Datin). Muchas gracias. Will be passing along 2 to anyone who needs one.

Have 4 invites for whoever wants em. Hit me up on Steam.

I haven't checked, but I know I still have one invite for whoever is interested.
Should we setup a google doc? seems a little too much, but all in the interest of promoting this game.

psoplayer wrote:

They won't stop giving me invites! (now I have 5) Are they getting ready to launch tutorial/training modes and go full F2P soon?

Consider yourself lucky, I've gotten only 2 on my account so far.

There is a gwj dota 2 group:

casktapper wrote:

There is a gwj dota 2 group:

Can I get an invite?

I also have 5 invites to hand out now. Let me know if anyone needs one.

Strangeblades wrote:
casktapper wrote:

There is a gwj dota 2 group:

Can I get an invite?

Looks like someone got you?

I have a couple Dota2 beta invites. PM me here or add me on steam if you're above Coffee Grinder status

Happytime Harry wrote:
Strangeblades wrote:
casktapper wrote:

There is a gwj dota 2 group:

Can I get an invite?

Looks like someone got you?

Yup. I've been gotten. Thanks.

Just played my first passive bot match without looking up how to play or anything. My reaction:

"Ohhhhhhhhhh. This is why Awesomenauts is considered a MOBA."

Also got called a f**ing noob, which is hilarious when the bots are set to passive. Thanks to my Awesomenauts knowledge, I was able to figure out pretty quickly what to do and my petulant teammate (everyone else was AFK) calmed down.

Seems really fun! But I definitely need to read the instructions before I play again....

I've given 2 copies out already, and have 2 more still. There's nobody left on my Steam friends list who has DOTA 2 wishlisted still, so if anyone wants one, send me an invite, and/or Steam PM.

I have a few extra beta keys looking for a good home; PM me if you'd like one.

So, I got a question. After playing some 4-5 matches last night, I got the basic mechanics down. But one thing stuck with me. Are many of the items from the shop buggy? Eventually I figured out that you can buy things at any time, but in order to equip them you need to be next to the shop keeper that sold them to you. You can use the courier to deliver the items to you. But half of the items I was buying did not result in what I was expecting. Or they changed after I died. How does that work? Some of the items ended up giving me a "recipe" rather than the item. But then the recipe changed into an item after a respawn or two. I had an item (boots of some magic or other) come as two items (normal speed boots and a magic item resembling the enhancement on the magic boots). But then get converted into the actual item I bought after a while, once. The other time it did not (the boots part just disappeared from my inventory and I was stuck with the magic item portion).

Also, some items do not seem to do what I expect them to do. I bought a 75% mana recharge ring, but ended up with a buff for 3% damage increase, or some such. How does one verify all the buffs that one is receiving?

You can buy something at any time, but like you said you need to be next to the shop, or it has to be delivered. You also have a "stash" at the main shop, where you can buy things when you have enough money, but it will sit there until you go back to base, or it is delivered. I have not encountered any of the bugs you are speaking of but there have been times when I happened to have all the items for an item, and they combined, and i didnt intend it too. Also, not all items have recipes. Here is one case where I can see this happening.

Say you want to build a ring of basillus which is
Ring of protection + Sobi Mask

In your inventory you already have
Boots of speed + Ring of regen

If you buy a ring of protection at this point, it's going to automatically combine them into tranquil boots, before you buy the sobi mask, but don't fret, almost every item that DOESNT have a recipe, can be disassembled by right clicking on it. The system works, and works well, but there is a learning curve for sure.

This could help, or make it even more complicated for you, but hopefully it sheds a little light.

Heh, seems I got some reading to do.

I'd love a beta key if there are any extras lying around!

Got one! Thanks!

Is there such a website for dota2?

MoonDragon wrote:

Is there such a website for dota2?

You might want to check out this link.

Basically I think is your go to website for all things DOTA 2 related.

The dota website is accurate, the problem with dotafire is that they don't show the components to items, its just an item list.

Watch>recent games>filter>nickname>Skill level

You can gain an idea of your skill according to the hidden MMR (normal/high/very high)

I have a gift to give away, not sure if it can be redeemed from the US though. Worth a shot, PM me if interested.

FYI, steam just let me know I have yet another copy of Dota2 to give away.
that makes it 6 copies.
First come, first server.
PM me here or in Steam if interested.

Same as Hobbes: I have 6 copies to give away.

PM me if you want one.

Do we have an item trading thread? Although it seems the game really, really wants me to buy keys. It keeps giving other people nice armour pieces, while I keep getting lockboxes.