DOTA 2 Catch-all

Well in that case, I'd recommend shivas on a fed support.

Or yknow, scepter.

If you get good with active abilities, I'd recommend veil of discord. Often overlooked, it's very powerful ...if you coordinate with your team of course.

That same game Coyote was talking about I played AA for the first time. It was a lot of fun, I'll probably do it again.

Not sure which scepter you are talking about, but I had a Euls Scepter and a Ghost Scepter. I didn't realize an Ags buffed my ulti but I just looked it up.

Although I don't think I'd get all that stuff if we weren't winning, and since we were aleady winning it didn't help us win. Just don't like sitting on a big bank.

I was talking aga's scepter.

Spending is good...if you're not spending the enemy obstensibly is. So while those items might not have been the initial winners, but they kept the momentum.

Might want to watch that replay. Heckle Hickle.

Makes me really want to play tonight. Maybe my Google+ Hangout session of Dungeon World will be over early enough.

Do it Video. I think I did alright, though it took me awhile to get the hang of his ult and I died a couple of times because of it.

If you want some Dota porn, check out the Tidehunter game I just played.

H to the ickle wrote:

If you want some Dota porn, check out the Tidehunter game I just played.

Jesus. What kind of matches are you guys playing in? Radiance on Tide?

it was a fun match.

BTW, is there any way to see death recaps on people you killed? I know I can see who did what damage to me when I die, but I'd like to see how much damage I contribute so I can improve my game.

I tried watching a replay but it doesn't show that when an enemy dies.

I did see a very sad CK who was low health, took my Gale right in the face and then used his salve. I didn't notice at the time but that's so much damage if you count what he would have healed if he wasn't poisoned.

There is a replay parser out there that can help to pull out some of this information.

I don't know any websites that break things down at that level yet.

I was so farmed and already had a Blink, Heart, Shiva's, and BoTs. What else was I supposed to do?

In the game the bottom lane was very aggressive but I've been seeing a lot of silly things lately. The game before I played with Hickle there was a CK and a QOP both auto-attacking the creeps. By the end of the game I had more last hits as Veno than both combined.

It's funny to look at the other team on Dotabuff to see what they had.

Necrolyte is a fun hero.

I miss dota, but moving to rural Ireland hasn't done much for my Internet connection:/

So, Cask, I think we should do our pseudo-cast sometime soon. There'll never be a perfect game, but I think we need to get out the commentary on how we all play, so that we can all get better. Giving advice in the moment is tough, and being non-voice intergame definitely hampers some stuff. I feel like a lot of communication snafus needed to be addressed between you and Barash. He's kind of stubborn on the changing gameplay styles, and your more reticent than usual play last night didn't help.

We also had to figure out what to do with what was going on with Saean.

Should we just go over one of our loses from last night, now that I've typed this? I mean if this is to address our short comings, we definitely came up short last night.

Yeah, I was definitely not firing on all cylinders last night. But I have trouble delivering the message "get the f*ck in lane and support me, bitch" in a friendly manner. Also because I'm not always sure if I'm right in giving that direction. But my usual success from juggernaut is getting good farm in lane and finding an opportunistic early kill. Same with Gyro, really. That being said, I was just less communicative when going for ganks and assuming that the guy beside me would notice. Probably some good candidates for games last night to review. I could do one tonight, but I'm going to have to disappear for half an hour around 8 to go see a condo.

Haven't been playing much DOTA because Trackmania, but I should be around for the next couple of nights.


I'll be on tonight around 10pm-ish if it's happening then.

So I had a game in single queue where we a had rikki and clinz on my team who didn't speak English, where the rikki player had an open mic next to a TV, there was a 40 minute flying courier, no one bough a ward, or a sentry or dust even though we repeatedly and obviously lost kills because of a melding templar and a mirana ulti.

Even though we won, it was one of the more aggravating games I've played in awhile.

Edit: Forgot to mention, the reason our carry Riki couldn't help with any of the support items was because he needed to rush divine rapier, and then sit on enough gold to buy back a few times. You know, just in case.

I've been having a lot of solo queues with non-english speakers. I random in solo queues so I usually buy the courier and then upgrade it later.

I played as Necrolyte and was doing ok, not good and not bad. Then I looked at a team-mate and they had 13 kills at level 11. They ended the game with 37. So it wasn't my team that was terrible but there certainly was some terrible players in that game.

To put it in perspective, I enjoyed a good feeding in my previous game which only last 15 minutes. My lane was Luna and Lina vs DP and Venge. By level 11 I'd enjoyed 10 kills, many of which were gimmies where the DP was on the creep line at half health, taking hits from the creeps and not paying much attention to anything.

Wow, just checked cyborgmatt's blog for the non-current game items int he last patch. Lots of assets for upcoming heroes; some we've known about, like sky Wraith and Bristleback, but the first for Elder Titan (tauren chief) and Legion commander. Interestingly enough, they've changed L. Commanders gender to laaaaady. It's an interesting, and good choice I think to diversify the heroes a bit. Still could use a bit more real world race diversity, but this is a cool step I think. I continue to look forward to playing commander and making the supports fight me to the death.

Also, yay more giant sloth monsters!

How thick should my flame retardant gear be before trying this game again? I thought it was pretty thick last time I tried but I was still left with the feeling of "wait.. why am I going to spend so much time trying to learn this game just to play with this sort of community?" Mind you I didn't have the good fortune of playing with goodjers.

You'll need some pretty thick Asbestos. The Goodjers are a bit spread out in skill level (with me, harry, and Cask the closest together, and Hickle after that). So on the lower levels it might be tougher to group up. I'd recommend playing with Xanta, Coyoteb, and a few others, as well as Co-op bot fighting, to minimize the burn.

Me and Cask will gladly run you through a sort of tutorial if we're given a heads up if you have any questions.

I'd include myself in the lower-skill tier if you're looking for teammates Krev (or coyote, or anyone else), thought I do have occasional delusions of grandeur. Take those with some salt and it'll work out fine.

Don't play with bots after you learn the very basics. Learn how to buy from the secret shop, side shop, how to apply salves, use tangoes and how to manipulate your view.

After that I think you're much better off with people who can teach you the bigger things. You'll learn faster and have more fun.

Look back in this thread for the Dota guides.
Don't play support in solo pub games because your team-mates aren't good enough to benefit from it.

Always hit me up for games if you see me online. I always want to play with people and I don't care if you are so newby that you feed and cost us the game.

Same thing for Danyboy or anyone else. I am always looking for group.

I mean Co-op against bots.

Progression -- play with bots ----> against bots----> put on armor, ready the mute button -----> full real both sides.

If you're feeling frisky, and if we're not feeling crushed, the higher level goodjers are usually game to play with everyone else. Usually.

Purge Video on some early game Theory. States some obvious stuff, but it sometimes needs to be state plainly.

Gonna send it to Barash *cough*.

That video is very good. One problem I found is that it tells you how to win the lane. This is good. Winning the lane is winning the game. Winning the lane is like winning your one-on-ones in FPS games. Essential to being a good player.

However you aren't always going to win your lane.

If you are being harassed out of lane and just aren't able to overcome don't fret. Let your team know you are having trouble. Sometimes you can have mid come up and gank to turn the tide in your favour. Don't be embarrassed and wait because by then the enemy heroes in your lane may be too powerful to gank.

If all else fails stay in the lane within XP range. You aren't slowing them down so that's bad, but at least you aren't being harassed out of XP range and you have good health and mana if someone comes up to gank. It's really bad if you ask for a gank but are so low on health and mana you can't assist and your ganker gets killed.

If you are pushing your lane early don't be afraid to hang back and miss last hits while the lane is under the enemy tower, especially if you would have to put yourself in a bad position to last-hit. The tower will push it out and you can return to last-hitting.

To recap:

Win your lane
If you aren't winning, don't feed but stay in XP range.
Let your team know what is happening. Maybe you have two melee heroes vs ranged heroes and they can swap someone out.

BTW, I've turned on a console option where I have a green circle on at all times that's at XP range. I make sure the enemy creeps are in that if I have to retreat. It also helps to keep me orientated when my character is just off screen.

Somebody reminded me that Terrorblade (Soul Keeper) is a hero that they could bring back. I sure hope they don't.