DOTA 2 Catch-all

Pfft, Harry's no fun : p

At 1 am after a few losses, I play to win. It's fine, i just wont queue CM if you're not gonna pick what I want to play.

Edit: Ignore my sass.

Also, thanks for kicking me while I'm down.

Atomicvideohead wrote:

Edit: Ignore my sass.

Also, thanks for kicking me while I'm down.

That wasn't the intention, I'm just saying I like captains mode, and ya I'm probably a little difficult at giving away power, but if I am adamantly asking for something, and then have to spend 45 minutes of my life with something I didn't want, I'm not gonna be thrilled about it. Granted I still tried my best, and almost carried it, but 4-19 pudge mad that a little tough.

Atomicvideohead wrote:

Cask, hit me up in google. I'll send you my email. I want to share my cheat sheet.

Done. Or at least sent my gmail account to share with. What do the different values mean?

And hopefully you don't take my bitching to heart. It's just bitching.

I sent you an email with the values explained. Do you want to go through this forum or on the docs chat function?

Earthshaker or Shadow Shaman, I'm easy like that.

Or Treant. You're a decent Treant.

I am a bit put off by CM as well and it puts an extra pressure on me to perform, something I can't do. I have a few friends I play with and we don't even use voice com (maybe they say a few words but nothing that actually counts as communication) and I perform a lot better with them. Possibly because I kind of know them and there's some chemistry built, whereas the few times I played with you guys in CM I was just failing because of that. And the fact that both times I got to play a hero I almost never pick. But the biggest part is CM and no "chemistry". And underperforming in CM is the worst feeling in the world when you're in a premade team. Which is why I have declined a few party invitations so far.

I usually random all pick and if it's one of the few heroes I can't or don't want to play I repick a support like SS, veno or something like that and am able to perform decently for my skill level.

As for giving advice during game, DOTA is just one of those games that when you tell someone what to do or what they shouldn't have done, you just can't help it but sound like you're pissed off at them because they are bad. So no one should take any comments of that sort that personally, just go with the mindset that any advice or remark comes with good intentions.

Hi, can I get an invite to the Steam group?

Also, what is the easiest class to start out with? I have some MOBA experience from Awesomenauts and Battle for Wesnoth, but this game seems quite complicated.

Support, no doubt. Lich in particular, but heroes like Warlock, Shadow Shaman, Jakkiro are also good picks. And is your friend.

I would echo that, but maybe add some ranged agility heroes as well. Learning how to last hit, and positioning is very important. Drow Ranger, Sniper, or viper. And if you want a relatively easy melee, I would suggest skeleton king.

Invite sent.

Hey can i get a invite.

steam link?

I need to up my carry game, I did ok as Weaver earlier tonight but I'm starting to think that my preference for playing heavy/hard support heroes (Earthshaker, Treant) is kneecapping me when I get a right-click carry.

Ward Videos?

Also, on the acerbicness of the other night:

As stated earlier in the thread quite a few times -- in the heat of the moment what one person is saying in Dota simply as information, can come across as angry, or demandy, or orderish.

As for leaders, I generally follow the hardest carry, or in captains mode whom ever is in the first slot in captains mode.

Anyways, basically Mea culpa. I'll try to be less yelly, and more clear on what's an "order" and what is me just stating the situation I'm in that pertains to the group.

Ya and I'm guilty of this too, so sorry in advance, especially while drinking. I have no ill feelings to anyone in here, but I will probably yell at you during the game, as I often seem to inherit, or adopt the leader role in most games.

I think it's pretty much whoever has played the most tends to end up accidentally in the role. Especially if they're a carry.

Maybe I'll just eat support humble pie for a few nights.

That's even worse for me, if i'm playing support for a useless carry/team I feel helpless. At least when I'm playing a carry I feel some illusion of control.

Atomicvideohead wrote:

Ward Videos?

Thanks for the reminder. I did promise some ward videos.

Radiant wards:
Dire wards:
Counter warding:

Pretty comprehensive and they show you how to ward in different phases of the game. My expectation is for a support to actually place the wards, not just buy them. Carries have farm to get and gankers have ganks. There are exceptions, but generally the support will be the one with free time.

Some other topics that supports should understand (I can dig up some reference in a separate post):
- stacking jungle camps (pull out of sight at :52); for laning and ancients for your carries
- pulling the camp into lane

And just some general philosophy for how to get better:

Dota2 possibly coming to tablets.
Just a client to view the games would be a great first step to test engine performance, level of details needed to appreciate what's happening and maybe an indicator of animations and sprites the tablet version could shed.

Hobbes2099 wrote:

Dota2 possibly coming to tablets.
Just a client to view the games would be a great first step to test engine performance, level of details needed to appreciate what's happening and maybe an indicator of animations and sprites the tablet version could shed.

I can't imagine the controls would be sufficient for any level of competitive play. But I would love if I could access the client for watching matches (either live or VOD) on a tablet. That would make me far more inclined to purchase the tournament tickets.

So I'm not working crazy arse hours anymore so I'm on more often now. If I'm on, even in-game send me a msg if u want to play and I'm yours. I'm happy to wait 20 mins or so if your in a game.

Video.. what's this cheat sheet of yours for who we like to play? Need anything from me..

For good supports to play. Warlock all the way for a hard support. Easy to farm and he helps win games. Jakirk is supe r OP if played right. Wisp , but you have to be on the ball and have great map awareness. Tidehunter is one of the easiest heroes to play, just need to remember that he is a big target. So get tanky . Dazzle and omni, who doesn't love healers!!!!!??!!!

I'm happy to coach some of you guys brand new to dota. Send me an invite and I'll run you through some things if you like. Need to remember that it takes a while to get a 6th sense of know ng where a potential gank will come from and when. I can help with that.

My stream iname is GeneralFarmer aswell.

Good (buzzed) times last night, and always nice to wake up and see we won all our games. They weren't ready for a 4-carry team for sure.

Yeah it was fun , minus the grumpiness at the beginning. Didn't really enjoy being called a "gaywad" or the weird coming down on my captains mode cheat sheet.

I know it was in jest, but it felt a bit mean spirited.

Edit: That obviously wasn't all Harry.

I dont think I called you anything, I think the cheat sheet is a fine idea. Well let me rephrase, I don't think I called you anything BECAUSE of the cheat sheet.

I think I received 6 copies of the game.

Free to a good home I guess (No Coffee grinder). But it's weird, I received an email about it, received a Steam news about it, but what I saw in my inventory is "Unknown package (17250)". So I'm not even sure it's even that game.

I have two 6 days battle bonus items, can someone break them down for me in two 3 day ones each? Don't have more than 2 days free at a time so I don't want to waste them.

I should try to join in with you guys. Solo queuing seems to be really hit or miss with team quality.