Recommend me a mobile phone headset

I'm spending a ton of time on conference calls now and need a headset for my phone. I've been using a Sennheiser computer headset with its y-combiner cable but it has a crazy long cable and just today I managed to snag it and rip the cable out of the mute blister dongle thing. I'm leaning toward staying wired just for sound quality as I haven't been impressed with bluetooth headsets in the past. I haven't tried one made in the last couple of years or so though so maybe they've improved.

Data points:
* I work from home, not worried about size, style, or pocketability. I used a softphone for a while with my bigass Logitech G930 gaming headset.
* If BT, long battery life or the ability to work while charging is a plus.
* SOUND QUALITY - This is my main focus.
* Well, and comfort. I just got off a three hour working meeting call, an uncomfortable in-ear earpiece would have been miserable.
* As part of sound quality, good isolation is huge. A lot of times I'm talking to a group around speakerphones and having a binaural, circumaural headset has been the only way I can hear people.
* I also spend a lot of time muted so ease of muting and a decent indicator is a huge plus. I love that my G930s have the red LED in the mic tip. Obvious (meaning indicative of which state you're in) audible cue will suffice but I like the reassurance of an LED.

I'm considering either a Plantronics Voyager Legend or a BlueParrott if BT is up to snuff. I don't know if these are just really good BT headsets or really good headsets.