HELP! My keyboard thinks it cyrillic and the Region tab in the control panel won't open! UPDATE: FIXED!

So I was playing some of the Oddworld games (Abe's Oddysee followed by Munch's Oddysee). Munch's Oddysee crashed to desktop and now my computer is translating every character I type into the cyrillic alphabet.

I tried opening the Region option in the control panel, trying to change location, but it won't work. Clicking on it does nothing.

I'm afraid to restart it because I won't be able to log back in if rebooting doesn't fix it.

Please help!


Fixed. There are multiple control panels for changing the keyboard language. The regular one that you access by right-clicking the windows button, then another, completely different control panel that you access by holding the windows button and pressing the "I" key. The one you access through the regular control panel doesn't have the options the the windows-I menu has.

Weird. I've been having an issue with the language layout on my laptop keyboard too since I got it but I was never able to figure it out. Win-I doesn't work for me... doesn't even bring up a menu.