How did you discover GWJ?

davet010 wrote:

My memory is not what it once was, but I think I was reading Bill Harris's Dubious Quality blog (, and he linked to an article or discussion on here. So I checked it out, liked the cut of GWJ's jib and decided to join in, back in 2007.

Soccer threads are very easy to achieve tag status in :)

I initially wanted to say that Soren Johnson or some other developer linked to the site, but if Bill Harris linked to the site at some point, that's almost assuredly how I made my way here. I lurked for a while, then made an account but hardly ever posted -- took something like 15 months to lose my Coffee Grinder status -- and while I still hardly post, I check the forums every day. Threads on GWJ have got me through some VERY boring days at my last job.

Turbine linked to an interview or something on here back when LOTRO was released. So I went and checked it out, then found that everyone was really awesome so I stuck around