Minnesota Board Game Night at Johnvanjim's - Friday, February 28th, 6:30 PM until late)

Johnvanjim wrote:

Heh, can't help with the time dilation, but I'm working on moving this to a couple times a month, Friday/Saturday nights. Let me see what I can get on the calendar..

Awesome! sign me up. What else did you guys play?

Bump reminder, this Friday night!

Last time, we got in some games of Spartacus, The Kings Armory (Tower Defense board game) and Funemployed. Good times!

I am out this time. Too muc travel and the wife wants quality time or something.

I'm in. see you in a bit.

Sounds good. Doors open, pizza's cooking, salsa and chips are go!

Annnnd, reminder day! Friday, if you don't have a fun Halloween party to head over to, swing on by and play games! (Or just skip the party and play games, either way!)

I'm in this time.

D'oh, sorry Dan, gonna postpone this one for a couple weeks, you were the only response!

Johnvanjim wrote:

D'oh, sorry Dan, gonna postpone this one for a couple weeks, you were the only response!

No problem. Means the kids and I can continue catching up on The Flash. Have to prioritize.

Sweet. I wasn't going to make it since my parents are in town which means babysitter! Date night wins.

For whenever next time is, I am bringing Exploding Kittens.

I am in for this week.
As previously stated, I'll bring Exploding Kittens.

I'll also try to make it

Excellent, bumpitty bump! For those of you who can hold off on binging Jessica Jones and Star Wars Battlefront/Fallout4, swing on by the nice dry (as in rain, not as in whiskey free) basement for some yuks.

Would love to try some exploding kittens! Didn't get in on the kickstarter, but that didn't seem to hurt it at all!

I think I'll be missing this one, so next time.

Thanks for coming all, good times were had. We had Dead of Winter hit the table (yep, total party wipe), Exploding Kittens, 7 Wonders Duel, and a little quality time with Anki Drive.

Well, for all of you that aren't going to Star Wars, should you so desire, it's gaming night Friday!

Star Wars tickets for Saturday so I'm in.

Tagging this thread as I'm moving to Stillwater in two weeks!

I'm in.
Bring one or two games.

Welcome Serengeti, hope the move goes smooth! Bumpitty bump for Friday night as well. I've got Mercs: Recon set-up and ready to run fresh off the boat from the Kickstarter, as well as Robinson Crusoe (Round 2!) the revenge of the bengal tiger..

Should be a good time, see y'all there.

Assuming I dont catch the plague from my wife and kids, I'll be there. I'll bring Keyflower and Roll for the Galaxy

The weather is apparently going to be good enough for a trip this weekend, and please allow me to contain my excitement. I will be missing game night. Sigh.

Sorry you couldn't make it Dan, games were played, fun was had!

Games that hit the tables: MERCS Recon, Codenames, Roll for the Galaxy, Netrunner and Spartacus

I'm updating the next game night to be the first Friday in March, hope to see y'all then!

Come on, man! You forgot Loopin' Chewie!

D'oh! I missed out on the Loopin' Chewie goodness!

D'oh! I missed out on the Loopin' Chewie goodness!

Johnvanjim wrote:

D'oh! I missed out on the Loopin' Chewie goodness!

Loopin' post goodness.
I should be in for next week.

Ok, school stuff backed up on me.
I'm am out tonight.

I should be in, ready to give X-Com a try.

I'll try to make it too...