Minnesota Board Game Night at Johnvanjim's - Friday, February 28th, 6:30 PM until late)

As long as I don't get blown to Oz working my shed, I'l be there.

Not entirely sure, have some kid-related stuff to do, but might stop by later.

Late notice, but game night is going on tonight if anyone's around!

Not tonight due to conflicts.

In for November.

Can't tonight; various things going on. Perhaps if there's a post-Christmas one everybody can show off their new goodies.

We should do another game night/whiskey tasting. I say that as somebody who can at least theoretically walk home.

I'm in! I'll bring a selection.

Annnnnd, bumpitty bump! Friday night for those who want to brave the cold!

Dan - Lets set it up for February! Whisky/Games! (and discount Uber codes!)

Johnvanjim wrote:

Annnnnd, bumpitty bump! Friday night for those who want to brave the cold!

Dan - Lets set it up for February! Whisky/Games! (and discount Uber codes!)

I'll be at the Dells. Maybe next month.

I'll be there for this sadly whiskey-free event.

Updated for Feb date.. Whiskey tasting event then?

Bump for Friday night, since we'll probably be able to get out of our caves by then.. (Come hang out in mine! I promise warmth..)

Well after 4 days off work due to school closures, I deserve a break.

I think I'll be there, barring some unforseen calamity.

I'll be there.

Yay! Although I never got the full sell/publicity for a whiskey tasting night.. On the flip side, I always do have whisky around, so one may hold one's own individual tasting event!

Aaaand I'm out for tonight; I'm not exactly sure how I managed this, but knocked a piece of drywall dust or something into my friggin' eye when putting up a smoke detector, and managed to scratch my cornea. It's happened before, I have weak eyeballs. No, really. Anyways, I'm now sitting in the dark wearing sunglasses with one eye open, so, you know, I guess I'm going to drink that @#$!! bottle of whiskey here.

So I'm going to have a fun weekend.

And again, bump for game night!

Dan, you're not invited, lest some malady/accident befall you, as is the curse..

Well, I've been "invited" to play taxi between a high school dance and some kind of hangout/get together, so my guess is I'm going to be driving 9th grade girls various places instead of playing games tonight.

Since he has not out it here, our host said tonight is cancelled due to illness.

Sorry, just woke up after 15 hours of sleep, game night is postponed until next weeekend.. I should be free and clear of whatever bug this is by then, sorry!

Just got back from spring break and updated the game night date for Friday!

I repeat, game night Friday, this is not an April fools joke!

And, final reminder for game night tonight! Get out of the rain and hunker in the bunker!

I'll be there


Forgot to say I'll be there! Triumphant return after my TBI!

Pre-bump for Friday game night! Hard to think of because of how beautiful it is outside, but games are worth the Vitamin D deficiency!

Unfortunately, no go this time.
Have fun.
Also John, do you know who else wanted to get online with gwj from last month?

I should be able to come tonight...

Nudge for Friday, games in the basement (instead of water..)