Minnesota Board Game Night at Johnvanjim's - Friday, February 28th, 6:30 PM until late)


I figured I'd move the old recurring slap-and-tickle notification to this thread, so I could control the date in the topic as well as not step on any other S&T's in the Minneapolis area.

I generally try and aim for the last Friday of the month, but substitutions and delays in date are possible. I've got a ton of board/card/video games. We've been doing this game night for the past half year or so and turnout has been anywhere from 4 - 20 people (GWJ and locals). We also usually have several pizzas, snacks and a fridge full of beer/pop/water as well as homebrew cider/beer on tap in our basement bar.

Here's a link to the gallery of game nights past.

For directions to my place, just PM me and I'll shoot you the details. Additionally, include your email address if you want to be included on the Google Calendar event notifications.

If you're interested in making it, feel free to give a heads-up here so I can plan accordingly!

I'm in, actually in town this time.

I think I'm in, actually got the blessings from the wife! I'll pm for directions. What can I bring?

I picked up Tsuro and Zombie Dice tonight; I assume your ludicrously well-stocked game closet already contains those, so I don't need to bring either along?

Glad to hear you can make it Doc, and Dan, I actually don't have either of those. If they're fun and you're willing to teach, bring 'em!

I have no idea how many people will end up showing up (as I mix in some local gaming friends not on the site as well, and they're seemingly allergic to RSVP'ing for anything..) I'm guessing somewhere around 10 or so.. I'll have the typical pizzas and beverages of all kinds. You really don't need to bring anything, unless it's something you'd like to share with the group (munchie/beverage, etc..)

Prolly won't be making it, will see what the wife wants to do after dinner.

No worries, all are welcome, looking like somewhere between 7 and 10 so far, no idea how accurate that'll be though. Pop over if ya can!

Sorry, I know it's been a while since I swung out, but sadly I have plans again.

I really do want to make it back out again soon!

Had a great time last night, need to come better rested next time! John you are a fantastic host and I am jealous of your amazing game collection. Was great to meet MilkmanDanimal, Indy and the rest of the gang. Hope I get invited back! Sorry I couldn't stay for the awkwardly inappropriate card game.

I'm going to make it to one of these soon--maybe the next one?

Thanks to everyone who came, we got in some great new games:
Tsuro, thanks to you Dan! It was a fun seemingly simple yet tricky game, I enjoyed it quite a bit!
Descent 2.0 (moral of the story, never put your boss monster on the front line!)
Castle Panic with the Wizards Expansion (definitely ratchets up the difficulty!)
Smallworld - Kobolds and Goblins everywhere! Beware the Milkman!
and finally a little cards against humanity (my cheeks still hurt from all the laughing!)

It was great meeting you DocJoe, thanks for the bar gift, we'll have to crack it open for a future event! Also, as is often the case, I've got a few lost-and-found items left behind at my place. If you left a pair of black dress shoes (I'm guessing you DocJoe, as you had to change after work) I've got them here. Also, if you left a black backpack with a single "Preemie" beer in it, that's here as well.

Good times, next one's tentatively scheduled for Friday, August 31st. If you want to be added to the always updated Google calendar invite, just PM me an email address. I'll have the sunset cider restocked, and my Surly Furious knockoff on tap by then, so the more the merrier!

Good times!

Dangit, yup those are my shoes. Well now I'll have to come back! I can't claim the Preemie beer though.....

Updated date to this Friday night, also I believe I still have shoes (DocJoe!) and someone's backpack to be picked up.

Ping me if you're popping over (so I know how much pizza to pick up), Sunset Cider should be back on tap; unfortunately the Surly Furious knockoff won't be ready for this month, but should be good to go in September!

Darn it, I will make one of these I swear! I have my brother coming over this Friday.

Going to bump this one more time, since it's going on tonight. If interested, pop on over, yadda yadda.. If you need directions, PM me, or shoot me an email at [email protected] (more likely to get me on email after noonish..)

Not sure how I missed this. I'm a maybe; might be there at 6, might be there later, might not be there at all. I'M A RIDDLE WRAPPED IN AN ENIGMA WRAPPED IN . . . not sure, think the shorts and shirt are probably cotton, maybe some polyester, but probably cotton. Never mind.

If you shoot me your email Dan, I can add you to the ongoing and updated google calendar. If you're into those newfangled non-papery date-tracking doohickies.

Had a good time Dan! Had around 9 players, got in some Descent 2.0, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Dixit and Cards against Humanity. not too terrible if I do say so..

Updated the title of the thread with the new date for September 21, 2012 @6:30, pop by if ya can!

I honestly am not too acquainted with anyone here, but would love to get in on one of these since I live in the area. Weekend Nerd Nights, as my friends and I like to call them, hasn't been too frequent lately and I'd love to play some board games with good people.

I'll keep my calendar open for the 21st, just in case. Hope you don't mind smelly feet.

You're more than welcome to stop by and play Dead, although I'd suggest a fresh pair of socks! (Sending directions via PM)

Just a heads-up, Tonight starting at 6:30 is game night if you're interested in popping by, see all the above info, or shoot me a PM for directions. Beer/Cider/Pop/Pizza will all be available as well as the finest modern board/cardgames worth playing.

I haven't heard many rumblings from the GWJ crew on attendance, but I usually have at least 5-6 local regulars that pop in, so don't feel like you'll be alone if you decide to swing on by.

John - you are officially my crack dealer. Went and bought Netrunner today. Will bring my deck next time, if you're still playing.

indy wrote:

John - you are officially my crack dealer. Went and bought Netrunner today. Will bring my deck next time, if you're still playing.

So far, John's game night has gotten me to buy Quarriors plus expansion, and Small World plus two expansions, and I've come very close to buying Descent a few times. I intend to blame him for all future game purchases.

Well depending on when you have it in November, I might actually be able to attend. October Fridays are booked already:(

Had a good time Friday, thanks for swinging over Indy! I'm sure I'll be playing Netrunner for as long as anyone wants to get a game in. I've still got the original cards/decks and love the setting/mechanics/cyberpunk theme of the game. As one might say, "This is my bag baby.."

We got in some Netrunner, Shadows over Camelot and had a blast without a traitor in our midst. Oh yeah, and apologies for any checking account damage I may do.. Should I put up a warning about that?

Updated the post title for October's game night date.

*echo* not sure if anyone's still reading this thread or planning on popping by (would love a heads-up so I can plan food properly!) but it's on for Friday!

I think I'll be able to make it. I'll bring my netrunner decks and I got a copy of Smash Up which looks like it might be fun - pirate ninjas vs. zombie dinosaurs (with lasers!)

Cool, I just saw a review of that game on the Totally Rad Show, looks fun! I'll have a runner and corp deck premade for anyone else that might want to get in a game as well.

I'll be there.

Bah, I'm working at the Trail of Terror, yet another one I'm missing:(

Bit delayed but thanks to everyone that popped over on Friday (Dan, Indy, Greg, Greg, Nikki, Dom, Ryan). Good times were had with 7 wonders, Castle Panic (soo close!), Netrunner, and Cards against Humanity.

You gave the game table an excellent maiden voyage, looking forward to future events!