I want to jump back into the PC world...thinking about the Alienware Alpha

Hi All.

Longtime listener and new to the forums.

I've been playing games since the 2600 days. My last real hard core PC experience was in the early 90s. Mostly console since then.

I'm ready to dive back into the PC world but my lifestyle is now different since I am in my early 40s.

I'm intrigued with the Alienware Alpha for it's simplicty. I'm looking for a powerful PC (would pay to max the Alienware) that is just focused on gaming, easy to use, and not monster-sized so I can place in or near my entertainment center.
Love the idea of a steambox.

I looked at Doghouse systems. The mid-range PC is $1800. It's hard to tell whether that system is going to be noticeably more powerful or, speculation here, if a maxed Alienware Alpha might be pretty good.
I don't have to have the best but I'd like a good rig.

I own a PS4, 360, Vita etc. so primarily looking to the PC for its exclusives and maybe some of the AAA titles if noticeably better.

I would welcome any thoughts/speculation on the Alienware PC or any other recommendations as I'm hoping to dive back in to PC. I've already bought a bunch from the Steam sale.



Alienware has a pretty big markup for brand name + preassembled.

Are you comfortable putting PC components together yourself or learning enough to make yourself comfortable with it? If so I'm fairly certain we can help you piece together a similar or better system for less money over in the build my pc thread.

One assumes if it ships this year it's based on a Nvidia 750Ti (or Mobile equivalent) as well as some Intel Mobile based CPU so it should run 1080P games at Medium Details. I'm intrigued but will have to see it in action to determine if it really ends up being worth the $$ over a more powerful custom built living room PC.

Thank you both for your comments. I do have a friend who recently put together the components of his PC after a friend had recommended what parts to get. I'll lurk on the PC build thread and try to learn. One way or another I'll get a PC this year.

Thanks again.


If you look at zeroKFE's recent build, that's a HOT machine. I bet it would cost far less than that Alienware, and it would probably be faster, to boot.


Good idea. I looked around the tech help forum but I couldn't find the user nor his rig that you mentioned. Any advice on how to navigate the forums to look for this specific post?


Oh, sorry, it was in the "My PC's dead" thread. The specific builds he was thinking about, after we'd talked him through some options, are in this post.

I think he ended up with the expensive one, though I'm not positive. They're all good; the expensive one is a serious firebreather.

Thank you. $1400ish doesn't look too bad. It's great to be a part of the gwj community.