Recommend me a chair with cleanable casters

3 dogs, wood floors.

I'm looking for a desk chair with casters that I can actually disassemble and clean.

Is space an issue?

I clicked this thread with a certain expectation,

WizKid wrote:

Is space an issue?

And it was met.

I came in here just to ask if it has to be a chair.

Unhelpful to the core. That's me.

This will sound just like the comments above, but it's not intended that way: are you sure you want casters?

The nature of casters is that they're just hard to clean. Maybe you'd be better off without having them at all?

Space is not an issue, but I like being able to roll around.

Just makes me sad I can't find some nice metal casters that I can take apart and clean.

Maybe you could retrofit them to an existing chair?

Amazon search for "Metal Casters"