Rick and Morty - Look At Me!!


I do hope people realise im quoting the show.

First episode of Season 6 is one of the stronger season openers of the series, they’re definitely doubling down on resolving all the loose ends so they can start fresh. I won’t spoil it but one thing in particular I was surprised they bothered addressing because it was basically a season 2 easter egg.

I heard there are a lot of callbacks. I wonder if I should just start over and watch all the previous episodes to catch up. The problem is I think I only have a couple weeks to watch the new episode on the Adult Swim site before it goes away.

If you’ve watched the end of last season that should be good enough to have a handle on things. It directly picks up where last season ends and while there are callbacks, most of it is just background stuff and they make a point of explaining the only important one that is obscure enough that you might not remember it.

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Adult Swim just announced that they’re firing Justin Roiland, but that Rick & Morty will continue without him. Not certain how that will work out since he voices like 60% of the characters, but I’m still glad that Adult Swim did the right thing.

Wasn't the bad one Dan Harmon. Odd that he is the one still around. I would say now might be the time to retire Rick and Morty because the show probably can't survive a change like this, but it needed to be done.

Harmon got in trouble for creep behavior and unwanted advances towards one of his writers on Community but publicly owned up to it afterwards, Roiland is facing a felony domestic violence conviction and dozens of women have come forward with accusations ranging from grooming of underage fans to sexual assault.

This American Life did a really great segment on the Harmon debacle. He is probably the only figure in the #MeToo era that walked away with some grace.

I cannot say the same for Roiland, based on what I've read I'm glad they're kicking that guy out. R+M can survive without him, and I'm interested to see how they handle a recast.