Thrustmaster wheel drivers for Windows 8.1

My kids have started to really love racing simulators, so I bought a Thrustmaster GT Experience wheel off eBay. The problem is that I can't get Windows 8.1 to recognize it as a Thrustmaster device. Subsequently, Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed III (the only two racing games I own) don't recognize it.

Does anyone have any luck getting such a wheel working on 8.1? Thrustmaster's site has drivers, but they don't seem to change anything. Windows will claim that my driver is up to date if I tell it to update to the Thrustmaster driver. I've emailed the company, but so far (seven days) no response.

I borrowed a neighbor's Thrustmaster Ferrari Red wheel to see if I got a damaged wheel, but it has the exact same issue.

Any suggestions are welcome.