Wildstar: Catch All

See, I played the stress test this weekend and actually came away totally cold. Lost almost all interest in the game.

I'm just not sure if I'm up for the MMO flavor of the quest mechanics and such. I think I'm pretty much over running from question mark to question mark, and I don't find the story to be terribly interesting or really appreciate the humor much. But the combat definitely has promise. I'm not sure where I'll land on this one given the pricing scheme.

Wish I could say more, but...

I love the combat, it's great.

The story, I'm curious to see where they go with it. To me, the best parts of WoW's cycle were everyone against a threat, not the current Horde v. Alliance cagematch, everyone's so ANGRY! RAWR! storyline of war. But, at the same time, I like the exile's story of trying to make a new home for themselves... not even seeking conflict, just wanting to be left alone (they're basically the Browncoats with furries and rockmen (who are basically dwarves) and crazy semi-undead folks), the Dominion are jerks, and I'm alright with that.

Visually it appeals to me, but that may just be my rockman with a handlebar mustache made out of leaves.

As noted, with the decision to push 40 and 20 man raids, I doubt I'll end up doing much of THAT. I just have no interest in that level of clusterf*ck again. 10 man raiding in WoW struck a perfect balance to me, and I still think there was a reason Blizzard moved away from that all those years ago. But, if there's decent progression-y type stuff for 5 mans, soloing, and PVP, then I can give that a try and see how it goes. If nothing else, I suspect leveling to 50 will provide me with plenty of time between big releases now (Infamous) and later in the year (c'mon Destiny and Dragon Age!).

I too enjoyed the story and the combat. The world/story struck me as very Starcraft 2 like. I also liked the Firefly like snark and the being on a new world - space cowboy/settler motif. It definitely has the typical MMO exclamation point chase going, but I really like the paths system and give it points for trying something new. I walked away with a WoW in space/sci-fi vibe with some evolutions vice revolutions in MMO play - and that wasnt a bad thing. I will be picking this up as soon as it is released. My time with the demo just made me want it more.

if you want to try for another beta weekend.

groan wrote:

if you want to try for another beta weekend.

Missed another thanks though

I was able to get one
Sorry you were not

whispa wrote:
groan wrote:

if you want to try for another beta weekend.

Missed another thanks though

Check your PMs!

Anyone have any keys available? i have the weekend relatively free after the kids go to bed, and a beta would do the trick:)

Are the keys only good for their respective weekends? I played last weekend - do I need another key for this one?

I'm still lookin for a key =(

SpyNavy wrote:

Are the keys only good for their respective weekends? I played last weekend - do I need another key for this one?

There seem to be two different kinds, weekend stress test keys and regular beta keys... that or they forgot to deactivate someone... who is most assuredly not me.

Sad that I missed out on the key giveaway this week. But still another Monday is coming. Also its interesting that the authorized streamers have until 2/24 (or 2/28, I can't quite remember which) to give out their allotment of keys per Carbine. Why the hard stop date? That's anyone's guess. Hopefully we're getting close to the launch date announcement. I still expect that to be anywhere from mid to late May up through mid to late August depending. I'm hoping for the former but I'm sure they'll ship it when they deem it ready.

This just in, Infyrnos is a gentleman and a scholar:)

Tkyl wrote:
whispa wrote:
groan wrote:

if you want to try for another beta weekend.

Missed another thanks though

Check your PMs!

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Anyone have an extra key? Please.

Man, I don't know if it's the art style or the slick videos and devspeak vids, but I'm hooked without even touching the game... I feel somewhat pathetic right now, but this has pushed all the right buttons for me. Exploration, housing, mounts, loads of customization...

If anyone has another beta key, I would be very appreciative, I'm actually salivating right now ...

Hadn't heard about this until the Conference Call this week.

Poked around on the website some, and while I seem to have missed the "Godankey" event, I applied for the beta anyhow.

Let the waiting begin!

This game certainly has the hype train running. There are a ton of us hoping for keys. I've been in so many key giveaway streams and contests that I've lost count how many haven't garnered me a key.

I played last weekend - it was a good time. I didnt get an invite for this weekend.

I feel like I'm just not "getting it" because I'm just standing here watching the hype train roar past me and I have no urge to get on board. Of course I also had zero interest in Final Fantasy XIV before their re-launch and I ended up playing that for several months so who knows? I think I'm just getting too much of a World of Warcraft vibe from the art style and since that game never really clicked with me I've somehow tossed it in the same bucket in my head.

Anyone else having issues with the launcher download? I was lucky enough to get in on Tuesday and have been trying to download it since but to no avail.
Anyone have a link they can PM me to the BETA forums, I seen to have misplaced the link.

fangblackbone wrote:

@Eldon - Run the installer as admin. It took me half a day to figure that out...

Huge thanks for that.

I'm not sure how spare keys are distributed, but if some fall into my account I'll be sure to repost them here (oddly my close friends have no interest, could be I'm running 3 other MMOs concurrent with this one though).

fangblackbone wrote:

@Eldon - Run the installer as admin. It took me half a day to figure that out...

This game is not WoW by any stretch. The art style is similar but everything has the sense of humor or ridiculousness that is more like Warhammer.

The combat is like GW2 but just a hair more complex. The telegraphs of all shapes and sizes can be manipulated as well as the cast times, and channeling. This makes it seem more twitch to me than GW2.

There were a few classes I though I would like but didn't like at first because the bread and butter skill wouldn't cast on the move like every other classes skills. The esper was one of these classes and I though it was going to be my main when I got my hands on the game. The lack of movement became a sticking point but ended up working in its favor after I tried all the other classes. It is a nice break from constantly moving and I found that I no longer constantly move (because it gets tiring) with all the other classes. You only need to move to avoid the enemy telegraphs so a lot of the classes that were meh or I didn't initially like became a lot better.

One tip: don't give up on a class until you get it 4th ability. You have to buy it and there is a quest that will lead you to the ability vendor. A few classes seem less powerful or limited in their first 2 abilities. The 4th ability really helps to start to round out each class. And I don't have one higher than 7 so I am going out on a limb when I say that the classes distinguish themselves further after that. The 3rd ability is a 30 second cooldown ability that is usually some sort of cc. It probably would have been better to swap the 3rd and 4th abilities since you really don't need cc at low levels.

Of the paths, soldier is the most convenient and imho the most fun. I haven't tried explorer but scientist needs streamlining and settler involves a LOT of wandering and gathering. Soldier so far involves happening upon a spot in the wilderness that triggers 4 waves of badguys for you to kill or a named spawn to assassinate.

warrior - boring, my least favorite class, don't know if I can even get to level 4 to get the 4th ability, other classes are so much more unique
stalker - more fun than I though, killing speed makes up for lack of range, i don't even use stealth. lack uniqueness but not nearly as bad as warrior
engineer - the most fun out of the gate but killing speed tapers off by level 4, bot is cool but doesn't really do anything
medic - a lot of fun, first skill is one of the best with only weakness being short ranged, field snare and dot is cool
spellslinger - hated it at first, then came back to love it, 4th skill is a not dot that gives the class some killing punch
esper - my highest char, was meh on the class at first, now it is probably my favorite, 4th skill is interesting to look at but of marginal use

Anyone giving up on a class at 5 or 6 levels in regardless of the MMO probably isn't going to like many MMOs in general

f*ck the explorer path. I recognize it's appeal but I absolutely hate jumping puzzles so it's not for me. I thought I could handle it, but by the time I made it to the 3rd regular zone I wasn't able to complete a single one and just gave up.
I love the buffs from the settler and hate when there's not a settler around to set them up. Yea the gathering can be a pain.
The scientist is fun but doesn't feel as fleshed out as the others.
The soldier path seems to be the most efficient and best as far as benefits to the player. You level up your path and get additional xp for the things you kill.

I absolutely hate the warrior class it's the most boring combat in my opinion and less fluid. Even with other classes that are more stationary it's just boring.

My favorite is the stalker but i'm sure those who play with me doesn't find that as a surprise but a close tie to it for me is the spell slinger. There's a lot of fun there and I adore the combat animations.

The medic and the engi are tied for me. They're fun and good at what they do but I prefer the other two classes better.

Just above the warrior class for me and below the others is the esper. It's the least mobile of all the classes and that kills it for me.

I am not surprised that the quick hitting classes are you favorites. I'm surprised you don't like the medic more. It is very similar to the stalker to me. The stalker kills faster and is the avoidance tank. But the medic has more range, utility with the snare/dot and heals.

The esper clicked for me when I likened it to a the mage with big back-loaded burst damage. It is the class that sorta breaks the illusion of constant movement in this game. At least in the early levels, you don't really have to move at all, even for the telegraphs. A lot of times you will kill the enemy before the telegraph fires off or you get hit by it and take more damage but not enough to really threaten you with death.

The spellsinger's 1st skill is probably the best starting skill of all the classes. It was the 2nd skill that tripped me up. Why would you follow up a long ranged quick hit skill with a long casting charge up skill? But it grew on me and the 4th skill is a really nice dot.

I played the warrior more and have gotten a routine with it. The 4th skill is a fun leap skill that sees more use as fast travel because it is supposed to hit enemies in a line but ends up jumping through/past targets to questionable effectiveness. I think the plodding nature of the class doesn't help it. The perception is tarred compared to the stalker since the stalker's 1st attack is 3 quick hits in the same time it takes the warrior to swing its 2 handed sword once and with less damage. The range is bigger for the warrior but in practice is not much of a difference. The class will benefit from a group but I can't imagine it will be fun watching them kill things when you are still on your first swing.

If anyone wants a spare key I may or may not have one available. My weekend may or may not be so full that I may or may not be horribly disappointed that I may or may not be able to play.

In the event that I do have a key (which I will may or may not deny), a post in this thread may or may not get you said key.

DeThroned, I just finished watching 4 hours of an 8 hour Danish twitch stream because they were doing a beta key raffle every hour. Didn't get a key. Sad panda. But, it was interesting to watch a 5 man dungeon. The gameplay looks like it fits my style. The stream just fueled my obsession. If you have a spare key, that would be very nice

Broken - you may or may not want to check your PM's.

...are we playing the same warrior class? I have hated regular warriors in every other MMO... and I love this one.

DeThroned wrote:

Broken - you may or may not want to check your PM's.

You... are... my... HERO!!!

Thank you!!