Wildstar: Catch All

Don't forget when travelling you might run across Lopp stew. I was shocked, shocked I say.

Double PvP currency this weekend. Trying to gear up and get runes for pvp season 2 gear myself.

If you put your name here I'm in a fairly nice guild on NA Server 1 PvE. I'll have them send you an invite. I can answer most questions, unless it's high end build optimization questions. I'll be playing over the weekend.

I'm playing as Mynd Game. I guess I'll take a fairly nice guild over no guild at all

I tried to add you but you need the character name.

Saw the social option and sent you a friend invite. Then I can put your name to the guild for an invite. The guild leader is pretty active so it should be easy to get you in tomorrow.

My main is "Ferocia ShadowStalker", but on Entity-2. My former main is "Wolf Star" also currently residing on Entity-2.

I realized the other day that "Wolf Star" was holding the keys to the GWJ social circle, and I let it go, in case someone else wants to create it.

Oh, and I'm playing filthy Exiles.

Sounds good, I'll be on tonight. I was on last night only to claim the daily login rewards. A BBQ and much drinking with the neighbors made me realize that trying to accomplish anything in-game would have been unsuccessful.

I played Wildstar from beta until Winterfest when it dawned on me (much like with RIFT) that I would never be good enough (or have enough time) to be LEET enough todo endgame raiding.

I don't feel like leveling another character (I have max levels on both Dommy and Exile on Entity).

It was a cruel reality when it dawns on you that your time in a game might be coming to an end.

How is the GWJ Wildstar community? Maybe a new community would invigorate me.
I do love the Housing and Holo-Wardrobe.


The GWJ Wildstar community is dead. Seriously.

I really wanted to like this one, and I still think the art style, world building, and even the general tone/feel of the game is amazing. But that player base was just so... bleh. Never being able to finish a max level instance because your tank was looking for a Gold completion only and drops the moment something goes wrong or... my favorite part, and instance that has RNG elements that NEED to spawn to do gold don't materialize... so they just drop halfway through without any warning or any perceivable reason until you realize which instance you're in...

They lost me with the relaunch of F2P. I was all ready to dig in and play again, but with the way they handled launch and f*cked it up a second time!! After a week of not being able to play i said 'nope' and uninstalled.

It is really too bad. Good game. Good base community. No end game. No "hook". And honestly with NCSoft running it, you dont know when they might just kill it.

ranalin wrote:

They lost me with the relaunch of F2P. I was all ready to dig in and play again, but with the way they handled launch and f*cked it up a second time!! After a week of not being able to play i said 'nope' and uninstalled.

Same. Well it was new for me. I got in one night during the crazy launch, was able to do some tutorial area and then one time when I zoned it disconnected me. The next day I tried to play again and couldn't and after that I just gave up.

Uninstalled the other day.

I just installed yesterday, any Goodjers still playing?

SpaceDog wrote:

I just installed yesterday, any Goodjers still playing?

I'm installing it right now. Gonna give a try, although other MMORPGs I tried to play before (lotr and D&D) got me bored quick. Feel free to add me on steam!

Rarely play the game (starting to a little more since it's been on Steam) but I'm a sucker for free login items so I wanted to give a heads up about the Redmoon Rising event going on till the end of August.

Anyone that logs into WildStar will get a V-Shirt, Borellian Adventurer’s Helmet, and Rusty Steel Dye. If you complete the Redmoon Terror prologue quest at level 50 you’ll get a mount.

This was a fun MMO that I would’ve probably played again if a console release panned out. Great world/music, fun combat, neat housing...too bad for the Carbine folks.

Some of the most unique and fun dungeons around, but their end game systems sucked balls. That and their performance issues lost them all the good will they had at the start.

Yall might not have seen this recently:

In the comments an ex-dev (grain of salt, obv) aired some grievances:

Ex Dev on wildstar here. Watched the video and although it was quiet informative, I just wanted to chime in on some of the key factors on why this game was a huge flop.

I worked on the game for 5+ years and let me tell you.. This games was destined to fail wayyy before there was any issues with servers or not enough updates.

Development on this project was a nightmare. The real Development time frame was closer to 10/11 years. Coming onto the project at the 5 year mark I soon realized that the leads and big boys had no f*cking clue what a good game was and they could not commit to any idea. Too many cooks in the kitchen that can't cook anything other than Mayo and Beef Jerky sandwiches... Look for the double meaning in that. It's there.
One of the most prevalent issues with the game that I noticed was bad direction from top down. People like Tim Cain specifically made way more problems than they were worth. Honestly the guy was a total dick. Awful to work with and almost nothing he "did" ended up in the game. His lack of leardership I would say was one of the reasons why the first 4-5 years of the game were almost completely thrown out. Literally...
Then you have an art director who couldn't keep his nose out of anything. His selfishness drove off many of the best artists in the company including cory loftis. Literally... Cory Loftis LEFT the game which is based off of his style almost entirely because of this guy. This same art director was also responsible for hijacking the story and overall vision of the game as well. Wondering why there wasn't more raids and dungeons? Because the ART DIRECTOR thought several ALREADY MADE LEVELS didn't fit the story anymore... So they threw them away... He also made calls on gameplay... Which... is a hole other nightmare.

The gameplay was once good... I would say around the 7 year mark. 1v1 combat was very fun at this point and each class felt very unique and fun. Unfortunately most of that was thrown away and replaced with alot of new stuff that was just NOT tested enough. I repeat... most of what launched in Wild star combat wise was BARELY tested. Stuff like Warplots was broken to sh*t from start to finish. The designers leading WarPlots were absolute lazy trash and would knowingly put in broken systems and call them done just to appease their bosses. The only reason that warplots was even REMOTELY playable on launch was because of some amazing talent on the 3D prop team. I am not joking.. Artists LEANRNED HOW TO SCRIPT TO FIX THIS CRAP.
Pvp in general was absolutely broken. I didn't even work on paper let alone work in a multi million dollar game. The idea of telegraphs is pretty straight forward and seems to just work for most cases in combat.... except in any fight larger that has more than two characters per team... Attack telegraphs drawing on the ground is very clear when you have a small amount of people fighting but in medium to large pvp fights ( pretty much every fight that matters) the entire ground becomes a multi colored disco dance floor. Casual to moderate gamers were like deer in headlights during the VERY FEW playtests that were had for larger pvp battles. SO MUCH FEEDBACK was given by the teams that participated in these tests and almost nothing was fixed about it.
The leadership was god awful. Proof of this was that most of the BEST things in the games that players loved the most such as Double Jump and Hoverboards were things that were never planned for or schedules by leads. Those were passion projects. Double Jump was made by an ARTIST. That artist got in trouble for making double jump and eventually fired for other reasons. Never got credit either. Hoverboards were snuck in by an animator... He got written up for secretly working on hoverboards in his freetime with other coworkers. The place was a prison of ideas and everyone was getting shanked for even THINKING that they WANTED to think of something to improve the game.

Oh did I mention mandatory Crunch? We would crunch for months at a time. Mandatory. I remember working from 10am to 3 am everynight 6 days a week for about 3 months straight. And I got a talking to once because I was 10 minutes late to work. ONCE. Because Jeremy Gafney saw me coming in late. Everyone working on this game was absolutely DONE with the BS and it shows. The love died way before this game launched. No one in the studio really wanted to play the game. And then we shifted to try to cater to the hardcore audience?! ( this was the version on launch. The hardcore not for pansies mmo) During a time where pretty much almost every successful game was being carried hard by more casual players.

I can go on but... I think you get the picture. These devs thought they were clever enough to ignore pretty much every other successful business model and all other mmorpgs to make this.. There you have it...

Much of that mirrors what we already knew from staff interactions on their forums, etc., and it's such a shame because there was almost a truly great MMO here.

I just remember hanging out on a lot of different MMO forums and there was always the next great game just around the corner. The MMO that was going to fix all the problems you were having with whatever game you were currently in, and the only hope of unseating WoW from the MMO throne. The two biggest ones I remember people going absolutely bonkers over before they were released was Vanguard and Wildstar. I feel like WoW is still on that throne to be honest. Nothing ever quite lived up to the promise.


Vanguard I am going to say a year after launch was actually fun. It wasn't going to replace WoW but it had way more exciting classes than WoW pre-Legion. Which looking back is a very long time. I think Vanguard was 2007 so a year later would be 2008 and Legion came out in 2016. So 8 years depending on when Vanguard sunsetted. And Vanguards classes would still hold up well against WoW's Legion classes today.

Of note:
Bard - the originator of the create your own song skills from beginning, middle and end components
Necro - RNG loot body parts to customize your pet
Blood Mage - hurt to heal nuking pioneer
Disciple - punching and kicking healer (combos)
Druid and Shaman - unique takes that busted the archetypes
Cleric - melee healer with nukes

There are dozens or more MMO who have better class ideas than WoW. It's everything else that they f*ck up to some degree or the other.

True dat.