Catch-as-Catch-Can-All for Feminism

So, the Feminism Catch-All/"rape culture" threads often get bogged down in discussions about the discussion. And then discussions about the discussion of the discussion. I think it makes sense for some threads to be a quasi-Safe Space to make sure important conversations don't get derailed. On the other hand, the self-policing of those threads often goes too far. So maybe we should have a more open thread to allow people to feel free to speak their mind, while also allowing the discussion in those threads to continue without distraction.

Let's all be on our best behavior. Just because this is a more open thread, that doesn't mean it's the thread to act like a jerk. If anything, let's try and treat each other with even more respect and less snark than what is usual for P&C. Feel free to not worry about someone being too quick to play Bingo! with what you say, but let's put extra effort into making sure what we say is an honest attempt to engage with the people we are talking to.

I really don't understand the point of this thread, sorry.