NCAA 14 - XBOX360 - GWJ League -Season 3, Conference Title Week - Next roll by 6/10/14

The whole game was epic. That punt...I'm surprised they didn't call it a touchback, because it look like it just touched the pylon. Not that it mattered, as you lofted that beautiful 30 yard pass over my defenders two plays later.

And, yeah, I was pretty happy with that ~95 yard fumble return. That came after you got a short field when I threw a pick...I was pretty ticked off about the pick since I just pushed the wrong button. I knew WAY better than to throw to that guy, but I think the brain registering "Don't throw to RB since he's triple covered" made my fingers push RB! (No one else was open, either, but they weren't carrying a coat of Wyoming defenders like that guy...)

The helicopter hit was awesome, except that it happened as your guy scored! My son and I both got a hearty laugh. It looked like he was breakdancing as he spun around several times after hitting the ground.

Let's look for tonight. I may be touch-and-go. I've got several big proposals for work that are coming due! Still, I'm 85% sure I could do a similar time.

I didn't care if I won or lost that game, I stuffed that FB inside handoff for no gain. You could have dropped 100 on me after that and I still would have felt like I won.

Good game sir. I hope we get matched up in a bowl together.

Welcome to Bowl Season!
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=============== #22 Wyoming Cowboys (11-2) ===============
Last week, Wyoming won 37-17 against Hawai'i (10-3).
#22 Wyoming will face Washington in the Las Vegas Bowl.

=============== Kansas Jayhawks (6-6) ===============
Kansas will face Northwestern in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

=============== Hawai'i Warriors (10-3) ===============
Last week, Hawai'i lost 37-17 against Wyoming (11-2).
#23 Hawai'i will face UCF in the Poinsettia Bowl.

=============== #3 Northern Illinois Huskies (13-0) ===============
Last week, Northern Illinois won 35-31 against Ohio (9-4).
#4 Northern Illinois will face #6 Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl®.

=============== #1 Duke Blue Devils (13-0) ===============
Last week, Duke won 40-21 against Florida State (8-5).
#2 Duke will face #2 Ohio State in the BCS National Championship.

=============== Maryland Terrapins (8-4) ===============
Maryland will face #18 South Carolina in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Couple of things with this BCS business....

My top 5....

1. Ohio State
2. Alabama
3. Wyoming
4. Northern Illinois
5. Duke

Duke in the National Title game is a travesty to the system.

Holding my HB to 37 yards cost him the Heisman, thank you very much.

omg, it did. I am sorry now. If I knew it would be that close in the voting, I'd have let him break off an 80 yard TD. Eff Braxton Miller and his crappiness. He's the next Tebow.

Eh. Hopefully he's back next year and your front 7 all graduates.

As I said, my QB couldn't hit the broad side of a barn tonight. I must not have been letting him get set, and your pass rush had something to do with it. There were at least 2 cases of balls being caught by receivers other than the ones I threw to! Oh, and that long bomb of a pass that was intercepted by your safety with no one else within 25 yards? That was supposed to be a gentle lob pass that hit my outside WR about 15 yards downfield!

Thankfully you were kind enough to throw an INT on the next play. I appreciate your thoughtfulness on that one!

Duke beats Ohio State for the national title 42-7. From the opening drive I fiured my best shot to beat OSU since they are a no huddle option team was to keep their offense off the field. My starting running back the ball 25 times for 227 yards and 3 TD's. My team held on to the ball for 20:06 to OSU's 11:58. Duke did turn the ball over twice which kept the game close early on. But my pass D kept Miller to 12-30 for 95 yards, 6 sacks and 2 interceptions.

Congrats, Willhouse!

For my part, Hawaii beat UCF in the Poinsettia Bowl (woohoo!), 38-17. Hawaii trailed at the half, but shut out UCF in the second half to take the coveted Poinsettia Bowl trophy!

Looks like we have only one more game left in the season.

Sorry guys been busy. I will get my game in tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Looks like we're ready. Nice win will.

I'm traveling over the next week, but I think I can do everything through the website.

You mean it's time to turn on my 360 again?

Haha! Sorry to make you guys keep your 360s hooked up

Leroyog wrote:

Haha! Sorry to make you guys keep your 360s hooked up :P

It's EA and the NCAA, the douchebags!

So I rolled it. Coaching Carousel is up...

Want to be able to take new jobs? I vote yes if you want.

Maybe it'd be helpful to post here who's up. Wi11nick is on the clock, offered a job at Cal.

Also, if you're not interested in switching, let us know.

In that vein, I think I'll stay at Hawaii, even though the defense is really going to suck next season.

I'm going to just run through this then since no one seems to care what I do with it.

I'll make sure you stay as Hawaii.

Recruiting done.

I'm the new head coach of Syracuse. Recognize. I'll roll it tonight

I recruited last night but didn't see a job offer. I might have switched to Cal. If its to late I'll roll with NIU.

Sorry Bill. I past that stage. I will roll through recruiting tonight

I've finished position switches.

Gonna roll to whatever is next right now then

Wait, position switches?

Jayhawker wrote:

Wait, position switches?

Yeah, but it's not that big a deal, really. You can always adjust your depth chart. All of this, by the way, can now be done online. In fact, the web-based interface for position switches is a lot better than the in-game interface.

Cut players is up!

Done cutting. This is easily done on the website this year.

Just finished my cut players. THe website would not like me mark as ready for some reason but I am ready

Anybody want to switch conferences?

Leroyog wrote:

Anybody want to switch conferences?

Yes. Pick one. Pac 12 or Big 12. If you put me in the Big 12, maybe add one more team so Jayhawker and I can potentially appear in a conference championship game?

I suppose I'd slightly prefer convincing Kansas to join the Pac 12 and play there, but I can live with the Big 12.