NCAA 14 - XBOX360 - GWJ League -Season 3, Conference Title Week - Next roll by 6/10/14

Rolled it around 11:30 last night.

Welcome to Week 3!
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=============== Wyoming Cowboys (2-0) ===============
Last week, Wyoming won 51-14 against Idaho (0-2).
This week, the Cowboys will host Akron (0-2).

=============== Kansas Jayhawks (1-0) ===============
Last week, Kansas won 38-13 against UMass (0-2).
This week, the Jayhawks will host Utah State (1-1).

=============== Hawai'i Warriors (1-1) ===============
Last week, Hawai'i won 41-38 against Oregon State (1-1).
This week, the Warriors are idle.

=============== #18 Northern Illinois Huskies (1-0) ===============
Last week the Huskies were idle.
This week, the Huskies will host Idaho (0-2).

=============== Ball State Cardinals (2-0) ===============
Last week, Ball State won 56-39 against Army (0-1).
This week, the Cardinals travel to Denton to face the North Texas Mean Green (2-0).

=============== Duke Blue Devils (2-0) ===============
Last week, Duke won 41-3 against Akron (0-2).
This week, the Blue Devils will host Georgia Tech (1-0).

=============== Temple Owls (0-2) ===============
Last week, Temple lost 41-31 against Houston (2-0).
This week, the Owls will host FCS West .

I happened to be on when Leroy rolled last night, so I got my game in. Unfortunately, for the second week in a row, my game locked up while uploading highlights. I'll try not uploading any highlights next week.

But the good news is that Kansas rolled for a second straight week, beating Utah State 42-13. The game was not as close as the score indicated, as the Jayhawks jumped out to a 28-0 lead. Utah State made it interesting by finally picking up a FG and converting a Heaps INT into a TD to close out the first half. They then marched down the field to open the second half, tacking on a FG to make 28-13. Kansas then scored two more TD's to ice the game.

James Sims was the superstar of the game, rushing for over 130 yards and rushing for 5 TD's. He also added a 6th TD when he caught a pass and scampered 30 plus yards for a TD reception.

Hawaii's recruiting is done...and I still hate bye weeks.

Duke beats Georgia Tech 21-7. All 3 of Duke's touchdowns came on long drive of 9-12 plays taking almost 4 minuets off the clock each time. GT lone score should not have happened as early in that drive. I stopped their running back 3 yards from the first down marker. The booth reviews the play and instead of 4th and 3 they give them a first down.

Must have been the replay guys who did the Michigan/SCar bowl game lol

The real college football season is upon us tonight...and we have two more games to get in before we can roll!

Oh right. This game. heh... Final Fantasy XIV is kind of ruining my life.

I'm just bitter and jumpy because I had a bye week!

Damn it. I do apologize. I will get my game in tonight. I understand the frustration that comes from a bye week.

No apologies. You haven't been long (I think). I'm just antsy.

anyone making a madden 25 league?

I couldn't get through a quarter of the demo or Season Ticket Early Release version. I wish Madden was better, as i would love to play with the Chiefs this year, but I have not enjoyed a Madden release since Madden 10 or 11. And even that was lacking. For whatever reason, the NCAA just feels better to me, and while the presentation is not awesome, it is not as painful as what the Madden team tries do every year.

And I say that as primarily a fan of pro football. Although, spending time with the last several NCAA games has increased my interest in college football.

I thought I was playing NCAA with NFL skins

Wyoming defeats Akron 31-7.

The email system must be down. Still waiting on one game?

Kush has one and recruiting.

Leroyog wrote:

Kush has one and recruiting.

Looks like Kush got his game in. Tough sledding, Kush. The email update system still seems to be down for me. Anyone else get an update?

At any rate, we're ready to roll. (My status still shows red, not sure why. I'm ready to go.)

I'll pop on and roll it!

Kush – I feel your pain. I lost to FCS West in another dynasty playing as NC State. Their QB just seemed to use magic against my defenders, fixing them in place as he ran circles around them. On one play, I had my QB contain set to aggressive and I was playing a zone D. The QB went right past two defenders who didn't even move...even though there were no receivers in their zones!

Welcome to Week 4!
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=============== Wyoming Cowboys (3-0) ===============
Last week, Wyoming won 31-7 against Akron (0-3).
This week, the Cowboys travel to Colorado Springs to face the Air Force Falcons (1-2).

=============== Kansas Jayhawks (2-0) ===============
Last week, Kansas won 42-13 against Utah State (1-2).
This week, the Jayhawks travel to Ruston to face the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (1-2).

=============== Hawai'i Warriors (1-1) ===============
Last week the Warriors were idle.
This week, the Warriors travel to Reno to face the Nevada Wolf Pack (1-2).

=============== #18 Northern Illinois Huskies (2-0) ===============
Last week, Northern Illinois won 45-10 against Idaho (0-3).
This week, the Huskies will host #9 Notre Dame (2-1).

=============== Ball State Cardinals (3-0) ===============
Last week, Ball State won 38-10 against North Texas (2-1).
This week, the Cardinals travel to Ypsilanti to face the Eastern Michigan Eagles (0-3).

=============== Duke Blue Devils (3-0) ===============
Last week, Duke won 21-7 against Georgia Tech (1-1).
This week, the Blue Devils will host Pittsburgh (1-1).

=============== Temple Owls (0-3) ===============
Last week, Temple lost 21-16 against FCS West .
This week, the Owls are idle.

Can I request Temple for Kansas' out of conference schedule next season?

Hawaii bests Nevada, 31-14. However, my speediest HB went down early in the first half for 10 weeks. While my backup is slow, I finally figured out that he's a beast if he gets into the secondary! He ran over a few DBs during the game, which was deeply satisfying.

Duke beats down Pitt 66-6. My starting QB went pick free first time this season. My RB had another big game of 118 yards on 21 carries. Had some nice turnovers and a nice toe tap TD I was going to upload but ended the game before doing it.

Wyoming can't get anything going and loses to Air Force, 28-21.

Nicely done, Jayhawker. Looks like a battle to the end.

One more game to go this week.

firesloth wrote:

Nicely done, Jayhawker. Looks like a battle to the end.

One more game to go this week.

I benched Heaps after 4 INTs and then a fumble after scrambling for a 1st down. It was ridiculous. Not only that, the two read options I ran with him were completely blown up for losses. I will have to check Louisiana Tech's defense for those plays, as they just destroyed it.

I put Cummings in and went to an option offense, and he did pick up so yards, including a 51 yard scamper for a TD. but more importantly, he went 5-5 for 87 yards and a TD.

Basically it was a tough road game, and LT threw for like 500 yards. I finally found a defensive formation, the 3-3-5 SAM, and started getting pressure on the QB. It also helped that they could not run the ball, which helped keep Kansas in the game. The last drive was nerve racking as I tried to balance scoring with not leaving enough time on the clock for LT. Tony Pierson finally popped across the goal line with sixteen seconds left for Kansas' first lead of the game, the final score of 38-31.

I'll go back to Heaps, but that was one frustrating game.

I got rolled by LTU when I played my first dynasty game with NC State. I just couldn't stop them to save my life. Might be a fun team to build up! (Well, if you don't like running the ball...)

I will play tomorrow.

Servers were down last night. Will get it in tonight.

NIU knocks off ND 13-7. Prevent defense almost cost me the game. NIU got an int at ND 1 yard line to seal the game. Best game/fun I had playing in a while!