NCAA 14 - XBOX360 - GWJ League -Season 3, Conference Title Week - Next roll by 6/10/14


firesloth wrote:

OS sliders.

Anyone else have any thoughts? I'd be fine with default AA for the first season if we want to get more experience with sliders.

I am using a modified version of these. As always, we can adjust as we go. Post your Xbox Tag here and I will send the invite as soon as possible.

password is gwj2013

firesloth is in.

Are we doing a 2* league or some other arrangement?

I set it up as 2*. Nothing customized.

I am Wyoming. wut?

BCS conferences allowed? I'll grab Kansas. If not, I'll take the Rockets of Toledo.

Doesn't matter to me. Grab a team and I'll try and match us up at some point in the season. I'm going to kick this off on Tuesday.

Put me down. I will choose a team later tonight.

invites sent!

I got in last night. Almost took Toledo, but jumped on Kansas instead. I'm considering using the West Virginia playbook, since Weiss has made a big deal out of stealing their plays as a way to get Pierson the ball in space.

Also, a reminder to create a coach. Do not use an existing coach because the RPG element of coaching gives those coaches large advantages.

I think I set it to "No current coaches" but if not, please create a new coach.

For those interested, I've stolen a spreadsheet from someone who put together the team ratings and prestige rankings. It should have a filter enabled to show only the 1 and 2 star teams in NCAA 14 with their conferences and ratings. Unfortunately it doesn't include any info about what kind of offense or defense they run.

I chose Hawaii in the Mountain West. They suck. But next season they'll REALLY suck!

I'm in, picked Northern Illinois.

Awww snap, Kush just saw this 5 seconds ago.

Kush is on board.

Kush needs to pick a 2-star school.

Kush is taking Temple.

Kush noticed that Temple's ratings are in the low 80s, if Kush needs to change, Kush will take something else, Kush is only taking Temple because Kush's train stops there every weekday morning and Kush took Temple last couple of years.

Kush out (for now)

Please, for the love of all that's good, STOP!!!


Temple is cool. I'll shoot the invites over a little later today.

firesloth wrote:

Please, for the love of all that's good, STOP!!!


please if there is room add me to the list. I am at work but when i get off i will update my post with my usertag and team. THANKS!

Sent your invite over, Kush

Who else are we waiting on? Anyone else we know that's interested? Shag??

my gamertag is myGR41N3
ill pick later

I forgot to sign up, I will do that tonight.

I'll shoot MrM an invite tonight and kick things off once Kush and him are ready to roll. Has everyone done their preseason events?

Do you need me to pick another team? Just realized Northern Illinois is ranked 24th.

Nah, you're cool.

NIU never stayed ranked long in any of the dynasties I've played so far this year. They are good, but I don't feel they are cheap, at all.

I will throw my hat into the ring on this one. I will take the Blue Devils see if I can make them a better team.

Duke is ready

ball state cardinals ready

Hawaii is ready.

NIU ready

Temple...not ready. I absolutely promise to connect the minute I get home tonight. My sister-in-law came over and the TV with the XBox was monopolized by her and my wife. I would like to say it was used for the greater good, but alas, it was not #KUWTK