Minecraft Multiplayer: GWJ World

We also found a geode and got some amethyst.


There are, in fact, only four ferry stops at the moment. The lack of signage is left over from when there was only one river start to end, and all you had to do was follow the line of torches. My place is just a little past the last ferry stop (the acacia one). I'll add some more signage shortly.

Lucy and I made a glowing squid/axlotl farm today. It works really well. If you need glowing ink sacs, let us know (or just come over and head down the well).

Mending books for sale at our base (in the mines).

Feegle, I saw your place today, and I'm worried that Pac Man is going to eat it.

Feegle, your village and castle are great!

Thanks! Coming along slowly. I'm taking a break from the village while I work on the Ferry Line for a while; building a few new stops and installing a system map at each station.

Incidentally, I could use a whackload of item frames, if you have extra leather; my livestock pens aren't well stocked enough to get me lots at once.

We have tons of leather. Four or five stacks, I think. You're welcome to it. We use the cattle breeding/slaughter for food and XP.

The signs on the ferry line helped me and Anne a lot last night. Thanks!

Feegle, we had a little creeper incident at your base today. I tried to fix it as best I could. If I missed anything, sorry.

Well, after a quick look around, I can't even tell where the creeper explosion would have been, so whatever happened, it looks pretty fixed to me. Thanks for letting me know!

Anyone interested in attacking the Ender Dragon on the vanilla server some time?