Minecraft Multiplayer: GWJ World

We also found a geode and got some amethyst.


There are, in fact, only four ferry stops at the moment. The lack of signage is left over from when there was only one river start to end, and all you had to do was follow the line of torches. My place is just a little past the last ferry stop (the acacia one). I'll add some more signage shortly.

Lucy and I made a glowing squid/axlotl farm today. It works really well. If you need glowing ink sacs, let us know (or just come over and head down the well).

Mending books for sale at our base (in the mines).

Feegle, I saw your place today, and I'm worried that Pac Man is going to eat it.

Feegle, your village and castle are great!

Thanks! Coming along slowly. I'm taking a break from the village while I work on the Ferry Line for a while; building a few new stops and installing a system map at each station.

Incidentally, I could use a whackload of item frames, if you have extra leather; my livestock pens aren't well stocked enough to get me lots at once.

We have tons of leather. Four or five stacks, I think. You're welcome to it. We use the cattle breeding/slaughter for food and XP.

The signs on the ferry line helped me and Anne a lot last night. Thanks!

Feegle, we had a little creeper incident at your base today. I tried to fix it as best I could. If I missed anything, sorry.

Well, after a quick look around, I can't even tell where the creeper explosion would have been, so whatever happened, it looks pretty fixed to me. Thanks for letting me know!

Anyone interested in attacking the Ender Dragon on the vanilla server some time?

Since he's really getting into Minecraft and wanted to see other things than his creative mode single player game, I let my oldest log into the server and explore since I figured GWJ servers are a safe space.

I made very clear to him that anything he borrows has to be returned to where it was and to not destroy anything. As far as I've seen, he has stuck to that rule. He was very excited to explore the shelter and castle town.

If something does get messed up because of him, I apologize, and please let me know in PM.

Also: first time I've been back in Minecraft in probably 10 years. Awful lot of stuff I've never seen before!

There's a public shelter near spawn where the items & resources in chests (basic tools, crops, some blocks) are meant for new players to take as needed. It's the gray brick building with the tall green copper spire.

Thanks for the info. I had him put everything back that he borrowed and replant crops that he had harvested.

Do people still log in regularly? Seeing another player would probably blow his mind.

I have not logged in in many weeks.

My crew logs in twice a week -- Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evenings. We also have some irregular times.

We're the sprawling build east of spawn with a bridge over the water from the jungle.

Thanks for the reply. Irregular times are the most likely to work out due to the big time difference between EU central and NA west coast. We'll just keep an eye out.

Is there an active vanilla server I can get to with the Android store version?

So now that 1.19 is out, should we look to wipe the world and upgrade?

merphle wrote:

So now that 1.19 is out, should we look to wipe the world and upgrade?

Uh, yeah, probably.

Oddrune wrote:
merphle wrote:

So now that 1.19 is out, should we look to wipe the world and upgrade?

Uh, yeah, probably.

It looks like the provider's ready with 1.19 available, and I can push that through within a few minutes, whenever you'd like.

Let's rock.

Q: Who's ready to get wild with Minecraft's The Wild Update?
A: You are!

Gamespot's overview of changes.

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Vanilla Minecraft
Version: 1.19
Server connection: GAME-USEAST-01.MTXSERV.COM:27240
Dynmap URL:

I only had a few minutes to login and try to remember how to play. There's a charming little village due east (I think it was east?!) from spawn. A handful of purple rock on the way there too, which is nice.

Good times

Does that dynmap URL work for anyone?

Ah, sorry, PaperMC isn't available yet for 1.19, hence no Dynmap yet. I'll update the server to PaperMC and install Dynmap once it's available.

We found gold, redstone, copper and amethyst tonight. No iron. At all.

I've become disoriented and I'm not sure where spawn is anymore. Somewhere nearby (maybe east from spawn but who really knows) is the village of Wee Rome. We're a humble town and our primary tourism draw is a partially ruined fire temple thing.

Anyway, I don't know if villagers are useful in any way, but it's nice to have some company. So I've been poodling around Wee Rome cleaning the place up. Stop by if you're in the area! Wherever that area might actually be...

I'll still be playing vanilla with agl_buttons and DuckLucy, but also...

New modded Minecraft pack!

GWJ - The Odds Themselves

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GWJ - The Odds Themselves
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Modpack Version: 0.03
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