Recommend a site to host images

I'm looking for a free site that allows me to share images/pictures. A bonus is adding security. Any recommendations? Imgur, Dropbox etc? Thanks!

Insecure as all hell, but super easy from your PC - imgur

Just don't put anything there you wouldn't want he NSA *and* the lowest of the internet low to have copies of.

Insecure and from your phone camera - Android's integrations with all the socials is good.

Secure - hahahaha! From whom? Random internet lowlifes? Eh, encrypt locally and share via dropbox works. NSA? Good question.

Edit - DropBox has had some security humdingers in the past. I don't trust them with anything I feel would be considered 'private'

Yeah if you want something secure, put them in a password protected .zip file, put them on a USB drive, and lock it in a safe. You're not getting security on cloud hosting.

duckilama laid it out well.

A lot depends on your workflow and how secure you're talking about. Apple has shared photostreams, for example. Maybe you could email photos? That isn't NSA secure, but it'll do in most cases. If you want really secure for real, get the recipient to generate a GPG key pair and encrypt the photo specifically for them.

Thanks for the replies! I used drop box in the past, had a video of my newborn daughter taking a bath, put security around it and noticed someone i didn't know had access to the video. I felt violated and pissed so took the video off and didn't use drop box since. I emailed photos in the past but some videos are too big to send so figured I ask to see what options people recommend

If you're not idealistically opposed to Facebook, their privacy settings are very granular and could work for you in this situation as a least-common-denominator for sharing stuff with family without them having to jump through hoops. When you upload photos or video you can pick individual people off your friends list to be the only ones with access to it, or create a list of family that you can reuse quickly for anything you want to share.

When I want to share things on here I usually just link to photobucket. It works for me.

The next Apple OSes will have MailDrop, which lets you "email" large files to someone. It sticks the file in the cloud with a 30 day expiration and sends a link. It's also possible to host "private" videos on YouTube, which means that the only way people can see it is if you give them a link. So if your only goal is to not have random people viewing your stuff, there are a lot of options.

Email isn't private.

You could always do your own thing but it's a bit much for some people.