Good thoughts for Phoenix Rev appreciated

gravity wrote:

All the best to both of you. I hope you both manage to rest tonight and get good news in the morning.

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Well, I'll let PR update the thread on his own when he gets the chance to do so. He's been allowed to go home, and has a huge bunch of prescriptions of varying types, and he's got a few days of mandated non-work days to allow him to rest and relax and mend a bit.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It's meant a lot to both of us. *HUGE HUGS* all the way around.

Rubb Ed wrote:


More seriously, great news.

Finally exhaling a little, here.


Just finished reading the thread and explaining to my wife why I'm upset. Please keep updating as you can, but take care of each other before anything else. We're praying. You'll both be in our thoughts.

Edit: Well that was quick! So glad to hear you're able to go home. What I said still stands though. Hoping for a fast recovery and no more of this mess.

Hoping you guys know/discover what it was so it doesn't happen again or can be prevented.

Good to know he's going home, though.

Just found this thread, though I've been following on FB. Really glad he's recovering at home now, and I hope that continues. ((hugs)) to you both.

Before going up to bed, I opened the fridge and poured a margarita to take up with me. Might seem to be a strange time to have a celebratory drink, but I'm a sleepy drunk so it all works out.

Good to hear Phoenix Rev is out of the hospital and I hope it stays that way. Stay safe guys.

My best to you guys!


Yay! Let's all hope this is over with.

I hated adding this thread to my "favorites".

Glad to hear PR it's out of the hospital. Just wanted to make sure you both know how much you're loved in these here parts.

I may not believe in the power of good vibrations but that won't stop me from vibrating anyway.

Thinking of you two!

Firing huge hugs to you PR and Rubb!

Great news! I hope his condition continues to improve.

Just found this after getting home from work & glad to see the last update.
Hope you're able to get a good night's sleep. Big hugs to you both.

Happy to hear some positive news! Sending full recovery wishes now.

My first thought after reading this was "Oh man... That hospital better not give them any trouble!"

You'll both be in my thoughts. And if that hospital gives you any problems, let us know. We will take care of business.

I'm really glad to hear he gets to go home. Hope you guys are out of the woods.

You'll be in my fiancé's and my prayers throughout the duration. Best of luck to the both of you!

Praying for you both.

Thoughts with both of you. Glad you got to go home already and here's hoping it keeps getting better from here.

Phoenix Rev wrote:

But the worst part, out of all of this, is that in a small suburb in Orange County, CA, my husband sits in his empty apartment feeling helpless and I feel like I am only adding to his burden.

And I feel like I am the worst husband in the world right now.

Which is categorically untrue, honey. You know that. I'm the one that feels like crap that I can't be there in an instant.


Good evening, heathens!

So, yes, it has been one hell of a day. My hubby Rubb has given you the quickie updates, but I will give you the lowdown of everything and where we are and where we will go.

As many of you know. I have been having neurological problems since late April/early May. The main symptoms are hearing loss in the right ear, lost of pressure in the right ear, tinnitus in the right ear, persistent headaches and then stabbing headaches in the supraorbital nerve in the right and left side of my forehead when I cough or sneeze or have any build up and release of pressure in my body like urination or an orgasm. The persistent headaches are annoying. The stabbing headaches are excruciating. My biggest fear has been getting a chest cold or strep throat or choking on something.

Well, this morning, the choking nightmare scenario came to fruition. Here is the timeline:

11:50 AM - I work in one of Phoenix's sky towers which has a deli on the concourse. I got downstairs to get a Diet Coke and some peanuts while on my break. I get said goods and take a sip of soda. It goes down the wrong pipe. I begin coughing. A lot. My head is pounding and I become disoriented and the pain is a 9 on a scale from 1 to 10. Things start spinning, but I stop coughing. Our assistant IT director walks up to me as I am waiting at the elevators. She asks me if I am okay. I just stare at her as my head is throbbing beyond belief and I feel like I am going to pass out. The pain is now a 10. She loudly asks me if I am okay. I say no and start to sway. She panics and gets the chief of security who gets a chair over to where I am and I remember the two of them sitting me down in the chair. The pain has now got into Spintal Tap territory because it is an 11. I am in tears. The paramedics are called.

12:00 PM - It is now the lunch hour. In the second tallest building in Phoenix. And I am sitting in a chair. Very ill. In the ground floor. Smack dab in the middle of the elevator that service all floors. Could this get any worse? Yeah, it can.

12:05 PM - The paramedics arrive. Our HR director, the assistant IT director and one of customer service directors are attending to me. The HR director and assistant IT director mention that the paramedics are cute. Glad they noticed. The paramedics take my vitals and my BP is through the roof: 185/115. They decide to hook me up to an IV.

12:10 PM - The IV is in, but they don't know where to hand the bag, so they hang it on the decorative sconce between the north bank of elevators between the middle two. So, the fat guy in the chair in the middle of the elevator bank who looks like he is going to pass out is now hooked up to an IV that is hanging from a decorative sconce, and people are streaming off the elevator heading to lunch. Joy.

12:20 PM - The ambulance arrives and there is a debate about whether to take me to St. Joseph's ER or Barrows Neurological Institute ER. Both share a campus. The lead paramedic said that since I am being treated by a neurologist it makes sense to go to Barrows. I don't disagree, but one of the other paramedics isn't so sure. I just say take me there.

12:25 PM - The HR Director calls Rubb Ed. She asked me what to tell him. I say to tell him that I am on my way to Barrows ER. Also, to tell him that he is not to touch the money in the joint account.

12:30 PM - I take the three block ambulance ride to Barrows ER. I get put in a pod. A sassy nurse comes in, gets me hooked up, gives me all sorts of things to sign, puts on a wrist band, and tells me the ER neurologist will be in shortly. Lots of people come in asking questions. I give them the full story over and over. They give me more injections to the IV to stabilize everything.

12:35 PM - I am given a hospital gown. They take my shirt and undershirt away from me. The hospital gown is neither My Little Pony nor Hello Kitty! The pain to my head increases. Coincidence? I think not.

12:40 PM - A vampire named Edgar comes in to draw blood. A lot of it. Six large vials. The ER neurologist is there asking questions and taking notes. The sassy ER nurse is there. Edgar finishes and says he is going to put on a big bandage. I ask if he can put on a My Little Pony or Hello Kitty bandage. He says the hospital doesn't have those. I respond, "This hospital sucks!" The nurse and doctor lose it. Edgar giggles himself sick. My head hurts even more.

12:50 PM - My BP spikes and the alarm goes off. People race into my pod and it scares the hell out of me. Also, my head starts throbbing again and I feel very dizzy and disoriented. The doctor orders some sort of anti-high BP drug and morphine.

1:00 PM - My parents arrive. The nurse gives me morphine. All I feel is guilty (having my elderly parents race down to the ER) and loopy (from the morphine) and sick to my stomach (also from the morphine). The pain, however, barely takes a hit. The doctor returns and orders a CT scan. I sit and wait.

1:15 - 2:30 PM - I finally get a chance to talk to Rubb Ed via Facebook chat. He is worried. I am worried. I am really exhausted and so sick of not knowing what is going on.

2:30 PM - I get cleared for the CT Scan. They wheel me to the other side of the ER campus and hook me up and put me in the scanner. Buzzers, lights, scanners. It was all so ... futuristic. They then put in the contrast in my IV which makes my head feel like it is on fire (oh, good, more pain!) and like I just wet my pants. I am taken back to my room.

3:00 PM - I get back to my room. There is a Bomb Squad police officer and bomb sniffing German Shepherd in my pod sniffing my bookbag. Apparently, some overly anxious person saw my bag unattended and called it in. They wheeled me back in and the officer apologized for any inconveniences. I commented on how beautiful the dog was. The officer gave some command to the dog and he stood up and put his paws on the side of the gurney and let me pet him. The highlight of the day. Yes, I had gone from domestic terrorist to best friend in seconds flat.

3:30 PM - The hospital administrator comes in to clear up some paperwork and get my insurance card and my legal papers. She asks who Rubb Ed is.

Me: "That is my husband."
Admin: "Sir, just so you are aware, the State of Arizona does not recognize your marriage. We, however, do. If you are not able, he is the next and only person who is able to make medical decisions. Do you have others who will make decisions if he is not available."

I director her to the appendix of the POA and the Health Care Proxy and I feel better.

4:00 PM - The neurologist returns and says the CT Scan shows no aneurysm, but there are "abnormalities," particularly areas of swelling. She tells me she will expedite my referral to Barrows from my current neurologist and to bring my first MRI films and my second MRI films plus my Xrays and the CT scans to my Barrows appointment. She says I have about an hour before I can be discharged.

5:00 PM - I am discharged, but have to finished up the paperwork. I am handed a stack of paperwork. I convince myself that having a cupcake and ice cream were one of the prescriptions. I speak with the nurse. I say, "I bet the bill for this little visit is going to be a nightmare." She asks, "So, how much do you think it will be?" I say, "Um... between $35 and $40 grand?" Her response: "You did very well!"

Six hours: $35,000 to $40,000.

5:30 PM - I am out the door and wait outside for my father to pick me up take me to CVS to get my prescriptions filled.

So, where we stand is that we simply don't know what is going on. That is what is the worst part of this. I would feel better if I know that this was some horrible brain tumor or brain disease. But I don't.

I am just sitting here and can't go back to work for a few days and am twiddling my thumbs and wondering "what if." Yeah, it isn't fruitful or helpful nor does it really solve anything, but, damn, I am so tired of waiting.

But the worst part, out of all of this, is that in a small suburb in Orange County, CA, my husband sits in his empty apartment feeling helpless and I feel like I am only adding to his burden.

And I feel like I am the worst husband in the world right now.

Get well soon! If you go back in stop by the *crazy ward and say hi!

[size=8]*and by crazy I don't mean to belittle people with mental illnesses. I mean batsh*t insane nutjobs![/size]

All the best, guys! My hopes are with you.

If you suddenly see rainbows outside your window, those are definitely not reflections of light in water droplets in the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky taking the form of multicoloured arcs.

No sirree, they're actually the fabulous vibes my wife and I are sending across the Atlantic.

I'm very glad to hear you're out the other side. Rest and get well. Both of you. You'll be in my godless thoughts.

Just a little sidebar, but this made me do a little mental triumphant air punch.

Phoenix Rev wrote:

Admin: "Sir, just so you are aware, the State of Arizona does not recognize your marriage. We, however, do.

This is why they'll never grind us down.

Take care guys.

Hope they work out what is going on.