Good thoughts for Phoenix Rev appreciated


Current status update (June 3, 2014):

Unfortunately, Phoenix Rev's headaches have been getting worse over the past few days, and he's currently on his way to the hospital when they got to be too much to handle. I'll keep folks apprised of the details as I find them out and have the ability to post, but I'd really appreciate more prayers and good thoughts sent his way

As of 7:00 PM Pacific, he's been seen by the doctors, and given some medicine that's helping him feel better. I don't know what the side effects are, or what it is, but if it's making him feel better, I wish there were a means for him to take it more regularly.

Sending all the good thoughts I can PR's way.

Tanglebones wrote:

Sending all the good thoughts I can PR's way.

Same here. Scary thing to be dealing with, and we'll be thinking of the two of you.

Bonus_Eruptus wrote:
Tanglebones wrote:

Sending all the good thoughts I can PR's way.

Same here. Scary thing to be dealing with, and we'll be thinking of the two of you.

Indeed. Best hopes and all.

GWJ IRC folk already know that I had some major neurological issues back in 2011 that I'm still working through the after-effects of.

I know how terrifying this can be.

If either of you guys want to talk with me (or Mrs. Dim, who had to deal with the terror of someone she loved going through this), I will send along my email / phone / other contact info.

All my spare positive thoughts to you both.

Aw man, both of you are in my thoughts. Keep us posted and let us know if there's anything else we can do.

Best thoughts to PR and you too, Rubb.

Urk, that's rough. You have all my good thoughts and wishes. God watch over you both.

Thinking the best.

Good thoughts and wishes from St. Louis. Hate to hear this.

The thoughts I am thinking are positive and hopeful!

Hoping and praying for the best for the both of you.

Good thoughts and wishes for both of you inbound! Thanks for the heads-up and please let me know if there's anything I can do.

All our best to you both.

You let us know if that hospital doesn't treat either of you two right Rubb! Sending along my best thoughts for both of you!

I sincerely hope that whatever is going on there is treatable with minimal discomfort, we're all here for the two of you whatever may come.

Hoping for the best for you guys. Keep us posted.

Update: the pain came back. He's on a heart monitor, an IV drip, and a morphine drip. Doctors are conferring, and he's still waiting for his CT scan to happen.

Dang, good thoughts and prayers for you both, Rubb.

I'm also a firm believer in hugs.


Best thoughts from up here in Canada.

Thoughts, hopes, and prayers out to you both.

Good thoughts headed your way.

Thinking of you both and hope you hear some constructive answers very soon.

I'm praying. Keep us posted.

Latest update: The CT scan came back with no evidence of an aneurysm, but there are abnormalities there. We don't know what. Phoenix Rev's on morphine, and now we're just waiting to see what the abnormalities are. Frankly, we're both really scared right now.

My heart and thoughts go out to you both.

Crossing all the fingers, toes, and paws I can find at the house for PR, Rubb. Hope everything turns out all right.

Best hopes and wishes (and assorted prayers, even) from America's stylish hat.

Sending positive thoughts to you and PR.

I'm sorry, guys. My thoughts are with you both.

Keeping you both in my thoughts.