Star Citizen Catch-all

garion333 wrote:

Star Citizen isn't going away anytime soon: coming out any time soon


garion333 wrote:

Star Citizen isn't going away anytime soon:

It's really something to see a company that holds an annual convention for their still-not-released game congratulate themselves for their small PR efforts.


Wayfarer wrote:

I just fired up the game for my bi-monthly check in, and WOW is the framerate waaaaaay better now.

Long ago in a moment of drunken weakness I picked up the Constellation Phoenix (with lifetime insurance), and daaaayum is it looking sweet now! Definitely got that Lando...cruisin around the universe vibe going on.

I'm glad to see you had a positive experience.
Congratulations on your entaggening.
The last patch, 3.2 was a boon for the game. Framerates were greatly improved.

groan wrote:


I'm with you on this one.

OK, Even I found this one funny


That is a good one


That's awesome to watch. I like the concept, Grounded ships. Have troops defending it and troops attacking with the end game to self destruct or successfully defend. What a blast, literally. Those explosions are so well done.

I just needed to post this here. Wow, that's some impressive editing.