Windows 8 loading problem.

I have a Windows 8 system and was starting to have some problems. Videos wouldn't play properly, internet connection unreliable (even though my wifi with Ipad is just fine), etc. I ran Malwarebhtes, Adaware and Avast. They all found small problems, but nothing major. A friend suggested I start in limited mode and investigate from there. So I went into msconfig and selected that. Now when I boot my computer, I am caught in a loop. it gets to my password screen, a picture comes up that I guess represents my account (nothing else is on the screen except accessibility options and power options). I press the picture to load my account, and it goes right back to the screen for my password. I have tried the correct password of course as well as purposefully trying the wrong one. Same result. Is there a way to force this to reboot in safe mode or something?