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So evil.

Cragne Manor

Cragne Manor is a text adventure commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Michael Gentry's Anchorhead. It's also a huge, ridiculous experimental collaboration.

✑ The game was written and programmed by more than eighty authors.
✑ Each contributor was assigned one room.
✑ We didn't tell anybody what was going on in anybody else's room.

Your name is Naomi Cragne. Your husband is missing. That's why you're taking the train to Vermont, to look for him in his family's old mansion. You'll explore creepy environments, consult eldritch tomes, and solve bizarre puzzles as you search for Peter, but your surroundings, your past, and even your identity seem to change subtly—or dramatically—as you make your way through the town of Backwater and approach Cragne Manor.

Each location is a different author's take on a tribute to Anchorhead, or an original work of Lovecraftian cosmic horror, or a deconstruction of cosmic horror, or a gonzo parody of cosmic horror, or a parody of some other thing, or a portrait of life in Vermont, or a pure experiment in writing with Inform 7, or something else entirely. There are tons of puzzles. The puzzles get very weird.

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I have some strange stories and lots of my photography.

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Futility Closet

Futility Closet is a collection of entertaining curiosities in history, literature, language, art, philosophy, and mathematics, designed to help you waste time as enjoyably as possible.

Here's something of mine: a little bit of entertainment, but so much more for learning - the lighting control firmware I work on -

Awesome Power 80s nostalgic videos, music and parody desktop OS in a web site. Take a look!

The Far Side website.

The publisher of Politico just launched a new tech news site called Protocol.

I haven't really checked it out beyond tagging a few articles to read later but it seems to be deeper and more long-form stories.