System Thread Exception Not Handled

So I got this blue screen error on my ASUS R500A laptop (Win 8.1) earlier tonight.

I know just enough to know that I don't know what to make of googling this error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hm, I see that there is an update to my video card driver. I will try updating it through the app tomorrow morning.

Well, if it only happens once, it could be almost anything. It's only when you get repeated crashes that you can start to really troubleshoot. The best case is when you can find a way to deliberately cause the crash, because that lets you test for fixes very quickly.

A video driver update certainly won't hurt. As far as I can tell, though, you're running Intel video, which AFAIK is considered pretty solid. Not very fast, mind, but the drivers have a pretty good reputation.

Could just be one of those random things... cosmic rays, for instance, can occasionally flip a memory bit.

On a more techincal note:
What happened is that a subroutine somewhere threw an exception flag (it screamed out "I'm borked!"). Normally after this happens some other thread that is designed to listen for such screams hears this, listens to the little subroutine that screamed and decides what to do with it, either by handling the problem itself, or if it is above its ability to deal with it rethrows the flag up a level, eventually something handles the problem in a graceful manner.

In this case no thread dealt with the problem and the OS just barfed the whole thing out onto the monitor.