Air Combat Simulator Chat

I'm kinda shocked there isn't a thread around here covering combat flight sims of the past and present, since the genre has had something of a resurgence of late. While games like Rise of Flight and War Thunder gain in popularity, I myself have been playing with mods of older games. The first is called Wings over Flander's Field, which is a super mod for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3, and it's got one of the best dynamic campaigns I've ever seen in a flight sim:

Going back even further, I just discovered EF2000 Reloaded, a custom DOSBox wrapper for what is my all-time favorite jet sim:

I got out of flight sims for a while because the rivet counters took over, giving us sims like IL-2 and the DCS series, which care more about fidelity and flight modeling rather than immersion, role playing and enjoyment. I'm finding I'm playing sims more these days due to mods like these.

What about you guys? Playing any sims lately?

The community has been quiet lately. I still fly DCS World when I have time.. they are doing some great things. I'm interested in WOFF but not until it hits $20 or less.

Well yes, those are for specific sims, I was looking to do something more general.

And WOFF is worth the price, but I get it.