Agent-based Sandbox Games


I was just curious. It’s so good, I figured something went on, and I had forgotten about the name change. I hope things get less hectic for you soon.

I've tried Rise to ruins a few times, and just can't get into it, I have no idea why....

Things will calm down, we've hit 8 months with my daughter, so hopefully she'll start to stop babying in the coming months Even my 4 year old is tired of her not sleeping through the night

For me, it puts me in mind of old-style games. Maybe that's it. More emphasis on process and stacking progress in increasingly complex ways, than on story-telling or system optimization. To each their own, though. I find it relaxing.

Heyooo, Rimworld DLC released:

Rimworld Royalty

Space Haven has reached Early Access.

Self-described as:

Space Haven combines the emergent story telling components of RimWorld with a tile-based gas-simulation system seen in Oxygen Not Included. Other inspirations are Spacebase DF-9 and Dwarf Fortress.

Launching with a 10% discount on Steam, bringing the price (in the UK) down from £18.99 to £17.09.

However, it's also available via Humble Bundle, with a choice of Steam key or GoG key (not both). Humble Choice subscribers can also utilise their additional 20% discount that applies to all purchases, bringing the price down to £13.67 (about $16.50 or so).

I'm not normally as eager these days to jump in early doors for Early Access, but it looks promising - Kind of what I hoped from Spacebase DF-9 before Doublefine lost a customer for life and 'finished' the game just to release it. For £13 and change, I'm in, even if I dont play it right away.