Monitor recommendations. What's good?


I have to say that I'm very happy with my Acer XB271HU. It's an IPS panel at 144Hz refresh rate. (Theoretically, it overclocks to 165Hz, but I tried it and didn't see any difference. When I got it, I sort of had an internal bet with myself that I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between 60-72Hz and 144Hz. (I lost to myself.) I've had it since February, but it was originally a backordered Black Friday deal from B&H.

The odd thing is that I don't so much as notice when it's on as much as when it's not. I've had more than one Nvidia driver update reset the refresh rate to 60Hz. When that happens, I'm like "What is wrong with this game? ... Oh, wait a minute .. (Check Nvidia Control Panel, reset refresh rate to 144Hz, and restart the game) ... Ahhhhhh."

Anyone have thoughts on the Acer XB271HK? I recently built a new rig with a RTX 2080 Super and am trying to take a foray into the 4K realm. My old monitor is a 7 year old Samsung 1080P TN monitor and is really showing its age.

Ideally I would like to spend less than $700 on a new monitor.