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What’s good in Apple Arcade for a 4-5yo? I might try it out and my boy would probably try something out.

Assembled With Care.
What the Golf.
Word Laces (Depending on his reading and writing skill. I deleted it for being way too simple, but it could be too difficult for a young’n.)
Cricket Through the Ages.
Big Time Sports

I haven’t played all of those but to my mind they all seem delightfully simple. Probably great games to play together with him.

What The Golf is great fun. Definitely great for a child. I'm a child and I thought it was fun.

Nearly 5 years ago, I wrote and launched my very own 8-bit-style iOS JRPG, "Vigil RPG". All the way back on page 19 of this very thread is one of the first places that I announced it!

Now, in the game's first update since 2015, I will in the near future be releasing a big free update, which I'm callling Vigil RPG Special 5th Anniversary Edition!

It adds:

* Universal (iPad) support!
* Full native resolution on new devices including iPhone X and iPhone 11!
* New and reworked enemies, making Vigil RPG's trademark "even non-boss fights feature meaningful decisions -- yet are still quick and respect your time" battle system even more interesting!
* New music!
* Oodles of new in-game commentary, tips, and humor from your favorite root-beer-serving bartender, Bo!
* Local high scores! Challenge your own best times!
* Lots more!

Thanks again to all of you fine folks who were around for Vigil RPG's original 2014 launch, and all of your kind words in this thread! For anyone new to whom a turn-based RPG that respects your time sounds like fun, Vigil RPG can be had at the lowest price at which Apple will permit me to sell the game without outright giving it away: US $0.99 or your local equivalent!

(I'm planning on raising the price when the new update comes out, so now's a great time to jump in and grab a copy if you haven't already!)

Time to redownload and start over! Haven’t used my phone for a game in ages but this one is a goody.

Congratulations Wolverinejon!

Re-downloaded and exited to play again!

I'm getting intel that Fort Sumter and This War of Mine are on sale today on iOS.

This war of mine looks interesting. What can you say about it beyond the description?

Fort Sumter looks pretty cool. May have to give it a whirl.

This War of Mine is pretty fantastic on iOS. Reviewers talk about it being like Papers Please in that it’s a tragedy simulation more than just some strategy game. I think the touch interface works better for it than KBM.

Strewth wrote:

This war of mine looks interesting. What can you say about it beyond the description?

I played a bit of it on PS4... I think it was a freebie for PSN one month. The analogy to Papers, Please is pretty apt... it's less about winning than (1) putting off losing as long as you can and (2) creating some emotional connection to how utterly despondent people can become in these situations. I liked the mechanics and progressive storytelling a lot, but I honestly bailed very early because I already have enough anxiety about being a husband and a father without immersing myself in the experience of failing to protect my family. There's also a lot of DLC, I think, to create even richer experiences.

TL;DR: My brief exposure was a strong indie game with too much emotional intensity for my particular taste. I keep telling myself I'll revisit it one day.

FYI if you have an iPhone X or later, This War of Mine is pretty badly broken on iPhones using iOS13. They haven't updated it for the new screen sizes, so all the tap events are 2-3cm off, making it pretty much unplayable.

The Vigil RPG 2.0 update should now be live everywhere!

(I'd be curious to know if anyone does _not_ see it; it's not always obvious how long it takes for updates to make their way out and become live around the world.)

Edit: Also, if any of y'all have an iOS device and would like to try Vigil RPG, but aren't in a good position to come up with the $2 or your local equivalent right now, just send me a private message, and I'll get you a promo code to unlock the full version for free.

Toucharcade gave you some love.

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2 hours ago

This is unexpected and awesome news! Vigil is one of my favorite games. IMO it has some of the best combat and exploration of any RPG out there. Exploration seems simple, but the fact that every step further is a gamble with risks & rewards to weigh, adds great tension.

That's awesome!

TouchArcade has always been super generous in their coverage of Vigil RPG -- I think that may be the 4th article they've posted about it! The original 2014 review by Shaun Musgrave was totally accurate and on-the-nose, too; I felt like Shaun really "got" what the game is about.

I really appreciate the support from everyone here on GWJ, too. As a group, y'all are Vigil RPG's biggest fans! I especially appreciate those of you who took a little time to rate and/or review Vigil RPG on the App Store (absent any kind of prompt from me or from the game -- I believe this is the first I've mentioned it!).

I went to redownload it and apparently it was still installed from before and had already updated itself :).

Edit: I did write a review back in the day but I think it might have been relegated to the Australian AppStore.

Wolverine, I'll fire my copy up again eventually, if it works on iPad Pro. I no longer have an iPhone. But I did enjoy the game!

Chris, I definitely do remember your review! I don't see it on the Vigil RPG listing on the App Store now, for whatever reason. I don't really understand how that all works!

Robear, Vigil RPG definitely should work -- and look decent -- on iPad Pro now! One of the biggest time-consuming things in the 5th Anniversary update was ripping out all of the hard-coded sizes of things that I had originally put in based on the iPhone 4 screen size, and adding dynamic constraints so that the game will work and look nice at full resolution on a variety of screen sizes.

As far as I know from casual discussion with other devs, reviews are only viewable while accessing the national store in which they were posted, even for devs.

Thank you Jon! I'll fire it up again soon.

Am I doing something wrong? I updated Vigil RPG, but when I run it on my 2018 12.9” iPad Pro it only runs in portrait orientation.

From what I remember it is a portrait only game, at least back when I played it on my phone years ago.

It makes sense on a phone, but my I never use my iPad Pro in portrait for anything. The case doesn't work in portrait, the keyboard doesn't work in portrait, and even if they did, I keep it plugged in, so I couldn't stand it up if I wanted to. I don't use apps that don't work in landscape.

Oh well, it was worth it to toss a couple bucks to a goodjer.

Oooh. In all honesty, it never occurred to me that portrait-only would be a problem!

I'll take a look at what it'll take to support landscape mode, BadKen!

That would be awesome, thanks!

To be honest, I would be perfectly happy with any portrait mode app centered on an iPad landscape screen with black bars on either side. Most iPads have more than enough resolution to support that. It probably violates some Apple UI guideline though.

I have always wondered why Apple has never allowed iPhone-based apps to work that way on a larger landscape screen.

I like Vigil RPG the first playthrough. Fired it up again, and I'll have to relearn all the enemy patterns!

I remember playing Devil's attorney to death. Loved the graphics, card-game and voices... Any change there is a game like that in the store? Phoenix Wright didn't do it for me.

iOS Bastion, including the deluxe version, is free on the App Store right now.

BadKen wrote:

iOS Bastion, including the deluxe version, is free on the App Store right now.

Gotten. Thanks.

After you DL it make sure that you open the app and “unlock the full game”. Tap the gear icon in the upper right, then tap the hammer and wrench at the bottom.

PSA: Guildings is super good if you have Apple Arcade.

Isn't that from the folks who did Threes? I'm in!