VM Fusion Help

I do not have a hard core gaming PC (holds head in shame as I am more of a console guy) and use a MacBook Pro Retina. Since my SSD is not a large device I have all my games on a Mac and PC USB 3.0 drive. The games I have played on it work very well.

My one area that I can't seem to get going is if I use VM Fusion to run boot camp it will not recognize my PC external when in Windows. Is there a way around this in the settings that I am not aware of? Thanks in advance for any advice as I am lazy and don't want to necessarily just restart my machine and boot into Windows anytime I want to play a PC game.

Well, in the Windows version of VMWare, you'd assign the virtual machine control over the physical disk. You'd do this by adding a hard drive to the VM, and then instead of giving it a hard disk file, choose the 'add physical disk' option. I'm not sure that option is in the GUI in Fusion, and if it isn't, you might be able to do it by directly editing the VMX file that Fusion creates to describe the virtual machine hardware.

Tinker around with it a little, and see if it's an option you can get to. If not, then I'll do a VM here on Windows VMWare with a physical disk, and I'll copy and paste the relevant section of the VMX file.

Note that it would be very important not to have that drive mounted in the Mac's operating system. When it's connected to the VMWare machine, that needs to be the only process talking to it. Having the same filesystem opened in both places could cause real trouble. This may not even be an option; if the drive is formatted NTFS, I'm not sure the Mac can even read it. But I figured I'd mention the possibility, just in case, because the potential for total loss of the filesystem would be there.