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Hey all. Just wanted to jump in here to state a couple of things.

(Note, "you" in this thread is used generally, not specifically.)

If you have issues or problems with specific moderation decisions made by the moderation team, are unhappy with the overall moderation of the site, or are unhappy with the culture of the site overall, please email the mods (pm or call @ We are very open to explaining why we do things. We may not agree with your point of view, but we will listen and tell you why we feel differently.

I'm a 47-year old married white dude. Wife, 2 kids, post-graduate degree and comfortably cemented into a cushy government job. Basically peak privilege as compared to almost everyone else. For the longest time, people in my societal and cultural position have been punching everyone else, and forcing them to take it because, they who make the rules, well, make the rules.

Now, the cultural viewpoint has changed such that punching down (which, for middle-class, middle-aged white dudes is targeting pretty much everyone) is starting to be seen as unacceptable, and there are a number of said white dudes who are very unhappy with this.

Too. Bleeping. Bad.

"Because I don't like it" coming from a cultural and societal group that exists at the very tippy top of privilege doesn't hold a whole lot of weight when "too bad" is the excuse that was made to every other target that isn't at that point of privilege for generations.

GWJ, as a site, will always strive to be more inclusive, more welcoming, and safer for those cultural and societal groups who feel unwelcome in the large majority of the rest of the web (particularly with respect to video games and their discussion). We have lost far too many women, lgbtq+, and poc over the years because of discussions that have been held. (Looks at various image threads that were dedicated to drooling over actresses for example).

While the past site culture cannot be changed, the culture of the site going forward can be changed, and it will be changed to one that is more welcoming to a larger swath of people. If, in making GWJ more comfortable for women, lgbtq+ and poc, people with disabilities and so on, the site is made infinitesimally less comfortable for people at peak privilege, and this is something that makes you not want to participate in the site anymore, well, feel free to delete your bookmark or randomize your password.

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That second one is an ADHD thing, I think (from personal experience). It's getting overwhelmed and then processing the queue and responding.




maybe a bit dark for some



Batman Begins To Kill a Mockingbird.

Bowling for Columbine high school musical

Home Alone vs Predator

How to Train Your 12 Angry Men

Who Framed Forrest Gump

Batman and Robin make a Porno

Annihilation of Green Gables

Howard's Endgame

Team America: World Contagion

The Return of the Return of the Jedi

Fight Club Love Story, because the second rule of fight club is never having to say you're sorry.

Howard Stern's Private Benjamin

Close Encounters of the Third Person

Raiders of the Lost Boys

Sex, Lies, and Scooby-Doo

My Big Fat Greek Horror Picture Show

Turner and Hooch Knocked Up

When Harry Met Candyman

Van Wilder at Heart

Captain America: The Winter Queen.

Dances With Teen Wolf

Spring Breaker Morant

Joe Under the Volcano

The Land Before Timecop

National Lampoon's Jurassic Park Vacation

Snakes on a Plane, Trains and Automobiles

2 Fast 2 Fury Road

Ferris Bueller's New Nightmare

Manos: The Hands of The Jerk

Conan the Killer Tomato

Indianan Jones and the Raiders of the Chocolate Facotry

Mantid wrote:

Conan the Killer Tomato

That made me think you could put Conan in many of them

Conan driving Ms Dasiey

Conan coming to America.

Tanglebones wrote:

Dances With Teen Wolf

Breakdances With Teen Wolf 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Harold and Maudition
Casino Royale with Cheese
Con Air America
Anchormanon des Sources
Jean de Flor a Fistful of Dollars


My own addition: "When I wore a younger man's clothes" is literally just last night for the dude, when he hooked up with a younger guy his size, and put on the wrong pair of jeans afterward.

Tanglebones adores Billy Joel.

SallyNasty wrote:

Tanglebones adores Billy Joel.

*stares daggers*