beta invites

I have 2 invites for the GitHub built pluggable text editor Atom. Currently it is only available for OSX 10.8 or better but they are planning on linux and PC releases. Just private message me your email address.

Huh, looks a lot like Sublime Text.

I agree. Still trying to figure out the differences myself. I think the #1 difference is that the source is more open/easier to hack and build plugins for.

That said, I am on windows and haven't gotten to play with it

I'm Windows only, but I'd wouldn't say no to an invite so I'm ready for the Windows release. I was asking for one on GWJ IRC over the weekend before I found out it was OS X only. ( )

I'm loving Sublime, but I haven't ponied up for it yet because I'm worried it's going stagnant. The dev hasn't been on the forum for nearly three months.

I got my invite today and have three invites to spread. Hit me up if you're looking for one. GWJ regulars and Mac OS X users given priority.