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Saw Wall-E last night, it's the opening weekend here, and I just wanted to add to the chorus of joy and wonder. This movie may be my favourite ever.

Saw it Friday. Best movie they've done yet. I loved every second of it. Really happy with the way it ended too. I don't go to Pixar movies expecting an unhappy ending. With the amount of emotion they can get I'd rather not be devastated when I walk out.

I finally saw it and enjoyed it also. I liked how they told the post-landing story with pictures during the credits. I always stick around thru credits to make sure something doesn't pop-up. This was more entertaining in that it constantly was showing how things progressed.

Saw it yesterday with the wife and boychild. While he wasn't as enraptured as I could have hoped (Mom and I split the movie time between in-chair and watching the boy run around the back of the theatre -- quietly, though), I really enjoyed it.

The only thing I was surprised by, and that I would have changed, was having Wall-E or Eve say anything. Granted, they only had two or three words apiece, but having just each other's name be the only recognizable words would have suited me much better than having anything else be understandable.

I agree. I actually felt that there was too much talking.

Alright, let’s see if I’ve got everything. Ticket next to Rabbit on the Ken Levine Salad-tossing train? Check. Belated revelations that are probably only significant to me? Check. Gallon jug of Pixar Kool-aid? Check. Let’s ride.

This movie was spectacular. From beginning to end, I was hooked. And when I say “end”, I mean the end of the credits. I loved it. It's definitely number two on my Pixar list. The Incredibles is still number one. Okay, my Kool-aid’s all gone.

I remember when Ken Levine grabbed headlines at GDC with the infamous “Nobody cares about your stupid story,” quote. I read and listened to interviews. I heard him explain what he meant. I nodded my head and I “pretty much” got what he was talking about.

Sometimes, someone will explain something to me, and I’ll rationally understand all of the components to what they are saying, but it just doesn’t quite sink in. I get it, but I have trouble really internalizing it. For me, this is usually caused by a lack of personal experience.

Well, I get it now. The first five minutes of WALL-E visually injected more story and information into my brain than any amount of narration, exposition, or crawling text ever could have managed. The world Pixar created was perfect. Within seconds, they had me right where they wanted me. They have officially raised the bar for visual story telling. Everyone had better be taking notes.

I am now officially awaiting the first game that grips me in the first few moments as strongly as WALL-E did.

P.S. Portal was close.

Absolutely beautiful. Pantomime and anthropomorphization at its pinnacle.

Here's a ressurection after a month of quiet. The premiere down here was only last night. One of the most enjoyable movies so far this year (the other one being Dark Knight). I literally felt my head checking out stuff like art direction: obsolete/dirty/cubey Wall-E vs. clean/round/hi-tech Eve. I revelled in the perfectness of almost-silent movie still invoking all the emotions. The perfectly built story arc. The perfectly timed gags. The attention to detail. I can't wait to have a kid and watch it with him/her. Along with our favorite Finding Nemo. And then, later, The Incredibles.

Sephirotic wrote:
Dominic Knight wrote:

But Disney did touch on environmental themes that I had only ever really seen in Miyazaki movies. I'm glad they did have those in there, as it really does show what could happen if we don't clean up our act soon.

My wife looked around the theater afterward and pointed out all the trash on the ground. "Will we never learn?" she asked

We stepped out only to face three garbage bins literally overflowing with trash from the people who attended the showing. Both my girlfriend and I only pointed at the bins and smiled at each other, no words needed.

I just saw it for the first time and I cannot express how much I love that film... Just incredible...

Instantly goes into my top 10 films of all time... I just found it so moving, so beautifully made and written...

The bit at the end almost broke my heart.

AP Erebus wrote:

The bit at the end almost broke my heart.

I know!
I saw it on my birthday and almost cried in the theaters.

It's easily in my top 10 movies of all time. Top 5 maybe, even. Caused me to seek out different video games to play and books to read. It moved me in a way that carried beyond the theater. Mostly because of the manner in which it told its story. I will be buying this as one of my first Blu-Ray movies.

Finally saw the movie. A very entertaining experience, but I wish they had spent more time on earth. The first 15 minutes were when the movie really shined. The spaceship setting wasn't just as interesting. The little robot that followed WALL-E's 'dirt tracks' was awesome though.

Based on the trailer I thought they'd go for the 'humans are evil and intolerant' approach, and I was positively surprised to find out that they didn't.

It's true that the opening part is the best, but there's still some amazing bits after they leave Earth. Like EVE and Wall-E dancing in space with the fire extinguisher. That moment put such a huge smile on my face.

While the beginning of Wall-E is fantastic in it's sadness and oppressiveness, the contrast with the joy and hope later in the movies is stark. I think it really adds to the impact of the movie.

Alien Love Gardener wrote:

It's true that the opening part is the best, but there's still some amazing bits after they leave Earth. Like EVE and Wall-E dancing in space with the fire extinguisher. That moment put such a huge smile on my face.

That was actually my least favorite part, since it seemed hackneyed to me. I really liked it as a whole, though.

I'm excited this movie is finally come out to DVD in the US on November 18.

Not liking WALL-E means you have no soul.

I preordered the BluRay. It will be the first and only BluRay I own.

... and I've yet to even see the damned thing in English. Eve in a Fraunch accent is quite hot.

If you watch the credits it actually gives you more info about the ending.

Yesterday I pre-ordered Wall-e on DVD and the soundtrack too from Amazon. I'm excited.

Do you think this movie is suitable for a 7 year old girl?

t0W wrote:

Do you think this movie is suitable for a 7 year old girl?

I would say yes... it's very cute, no real violence...

But i'm not really in a position of knowing whats really relevant for a 7 year old... Provably a good idea for another parent to answer =P

Well, I'm emotionally 7 years old and I loved it. Hope that helps.

t0W wrote:

Do you think this movie is suitable for a 7 year old girl?

My youngest turns 7 next Friday and had no problems with it. It did have some trouble keeping his attention, he's not good at sitting still for extended lengths of time.

MrDeVil909 wrote:

Well, I'm emotionally 7 years old and I loved it. Hope that helps.

My son turns 6 is 2 weeks and he LOVED it. He's been running around pretending to be WALL-E since we watched it last night. The only drawback to this is, WALL-E only says one word for almost the entire movie... his friend's name.

It's not like the movie needed much dialog, but having a 5-year-old constantly repeating "Eeee-vuh" can get old. It's awfully cute when he crouches down into a cube, though.

So, yes, it is suitable for small children. They probably won't even get half of the dystopian vision we adults do, anyway. And the message is good. If they get it.

Hah cool. I know what to get my cousin for Christmas. Thanks.

Also, I love this movie!

duckilama wrote:

And the message is good. If they get it.

Yeah, just when I was starting to think Hollywood didn't know how to do a message AND be entertaining.

I was a little miffed at some of the critics when they said Pixar didn't do enough with the environmental message. So, if they don't cram it down the audience's throat it's no good. Nope, I thought it was perfect. If you cared about the message at all, you picked up on it. If you just showed up to be entertained, you were. Yet there was still a wide-eyed innocence and hope for the youngin's or at least the young at heart. Win-win all around.

My first Blu-Ray purchase, and I couldn't have picked a better film. Just phenomenal, and as usual after watching the features I have incredible respect for the attention they pay as filmakers. The detail of thought about camera placement and sound just highlights the absolute quality of Pixar.

Probably my favorite of their movies.

Grenn wrote:

I usually base my opinions of Pixar movies on how uninterested I am in the previews. So far, I've hit gold with Toy Story, Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and a very belated Monster's Inc. (last week being the first full viewing). Each of these previews did nothing for me. Each movie was phenominal IMHO, Incredibles being the best. Now, that being said, after those string of successes, this theory no longer holds true as I now expect great things from Pixar.

That's about how I land with Pixar. They make really bad trailers for some reason, but the end experience is quite a different story. Incredibles would be the top of my list. It just passed all of my expectations.

Cars was probably the biggest surprise as it came off as a nascar focused movie and turned out to only have that sort of thing as bookends to a great animated flick.

Also, seeing Pixar/computer animated films in a theater is a huge part of the first time experience for me. That and any film I want to see that is touted as a visual knockout.

There's a very short trailer for the upcoming movie, UP included in the DVD. I'm interested to see it as it has an interesting premise. We'll see though. See synopsis in first post.