Let's talk anime.

Yeah, some titles don't translate well to anime. I was a bit disappointed with Eminence, didn't get through enough Oji-san to form a view. Can't recommend the light novel of Eminence and manga for Oji-san highly enough. For the latter, the art style is not as pretty as say Kaguya-sama or Vampire Knight but the comedy is worth it. The male characters are reminiscent of the Initial D manga for the characters. Which is to say, uh, not visually attractive. Mangaka manages to make the female characters pretty though.

I contrast that to, say, Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). The animation is amazing. My daughter is obsessed with the anime (only season 1 on Netflix) so we got her the manga box set. She's happily reading her way through them.

Reborn to Master the Sword has an interesting protag. Finished with a life of selflessness and heroism, a king's goddess asks him what he wants for a reward. He asks to be reborn to be able to live for himself. Wish granted! Reborn as a girl ages in the future, she now lives only for the sword.

Kinda weird in that she's reborn assigned as a girl, and she appears to more or less be reconciled to it. She still desires women and still thinks of herself as a man, but doesn't appear to experience gender dysphoria at all. Nonbinary?

Finally sat down and watched Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade this week.

I saw that it had been criticized for its... uh... "deliberate" pace and boy howdy, they weren't kidding! A whole lot of Mamoru Oshii's output is definitely.... "deliberate."

I didn't hate it, and it certainly looked absolutely lovely. But I probably won't be watching it again anytime soon.

Up next, the sci-fi anthology Memories, and then finally getting around to watching Golden Boy since apparently, it's entirely on YouTube.