GWJ OOTP League Thread

New. File.

File. New.

Award season's coming up! Who do you guys have for MVP/Pitcher of the Year/Rookie of the Year?

NL MVP, I like Ramon Vazquez's .348 BA or Loren Gill's 41HRs. Homer pick: Craig Peterson.
NL Pitcher of the Year, Francis Riley was dominant with 310K and no one else is close. Homer pick: Antooio Palhas, 24W.
NL Rookie of the Year, I'm going with my Fred Snyder. He was an offensive force, won 2 Player of the Week, 1 Batter of the Month, and 2 Rookie of the Month awards this year. I think he's a shoo-in.

NL Hitter of the Year: Goliath Gomez - .332BA + 37 HR, he just brought it all to the table, for one more year at least. Homer pick: No one. I have to choose? OK then, how about Will Petty. The rookie went .279 with 17 HR; we expect big things from him in the future.

NL Pitcher of the Year: I'm going with Novocain here. Doodles Riley is a man amongst boys in this league. Homer pick: Shell Richards with 20 wins and an under 3 ERA.

NL Rookie of the Year: I'll lean with Novocain again and go with Fred Snyder with .336 BA and 35 HR. Homer pick: Roland Church who went 13-9 with a 4.61 ERA and 125 Ks.

SL Hitter: I tried to not pick my own guy, but it was impossible. Brian Burke. .428 AVG and .550 OBP.

SL Pitcher: Miami's Thomas George has a history of being ridiculously good. Homer Pick: Probably Jason Huffman. His Sept/Oct/Playoffs offset a slower start.

SL Rookie: Phoenix's Jorge Perez. Home pick: Piglet Gomez, I guess. My Sept 1 callups all overperformed, but the time wasn't there.

New file! Only one day, as I forgot to import team files before I hit "sim". So if you made any moves, offers before the sim, do it again. Hope noone got boned.

Hey, congratulations to Ritter Hengst on his gold glove. At least someone got something for this awful season Phoenix put together.

Muahahaha! Can anyone take the NL Gold Glove award from Edgar Martinez at 3B?!?! He's just too good!! Muhahaahah!!

New file! Your Rookies of the Year:

NL: Fred Snyder, 1B, PIT: .335 BA, 35 HRs, 107 RBIs. Led all rookies in 11 separate categories.
SL: Jorge Perez, CF, PHO: .276 BA, 33 HRs, 101 RBIs. Best Isolated Power number (.266) among all rookies.

Manager of the Year honors go to Buffalo's Juan Jose Perez and Dallas' Manuel Lopez.

The next sim will take us to the end of awards season. If no-one has any complaints, we'll start simming in larger chunks after that. So the next sims will look like this:

Monday: End of Awards Season.
Tuesday: Salary Arbitration Hearings
Wednesday: Free Agency begins.

That sounds good to me.

SP Derek McCoy is on the trading block. He comes with a hefty contract, but he's in his last year of bits (and compared to some other contracts it's not all that bad...stupid ai). Edit throws slow, but has amazing control and gets a lot of ground balls, so having a good defense is helpful.

I'd like to get this done in the off season as it'll be nigh impossible to move him in the middle of the season with the cost of his contract. He'd be a great addition to a team looking for a veteran who can chew up innings and round out the front of their pitching rotation.

I have a logjam at OF, so I'm looking to trade LF Ken Hale. 4 star guy - looking for a prospect or two in return.

How good is the "on vacation" AI thing? I'm traveling starting Wednesday morning to the Land of No Internet until the end of the weekend.

Well ass. (I'll explain later.)

New file!

Your Pitchers of the Year -

NL: Augusto Pena, BUF: 22-3, 2.79 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 154 ERA+. HUGE controversy over this pick. Pena's FIP was 4.05 and he benefited from a full five and a half runs of support each game. He lead the league in exactly NO categories. A large number of analysts feel the award should have gone to Boston's Francis Riley, who had 300 strikeouts and a FIP lower than his ERA, but his 16-9 record hurt him when the traditionalists voted.
SL: Thomas George, MIA: 22-6, 3.02 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 153 ERA+. This is George's third PotY award in four seasons.

Your Batters of the Year -
NL: Ramon Gomez, VAN: .332 BA, 37 HRs, 112 RBIs. The perennial All-Star has turned 38, but still put up numbers any player would be jealous of.
SL: Brian Burke, SD: .428 BA, 22 HRs, 110 RBIs. An absolutely epic season from the 26-year-old who's only going to get better from here (just how good? If this was real life, Burke's .550 OBP would be the 4th best all-time).

Kings Fans Frustrated as Gomez Contract Saga Festers

There's a fan-mutiny brewing in Vancouver, as the perennial powerhouse tries to figure out how to deal with the end of star outfielder Ramon Gomez's contract. The team reportedly had a $28.5M option on the final year of Gomez's contract, but opted against executing it at the end of the season in order to save money. However, now, with Gomez having won his second Batter of the Year award, team management is facing a blistering firestorm of criticism on all fronts, as the 38-year-old shows no sign of slowing down. The slugger's powers are clearly on the wane, but many loyal fans feel it is a necessity to bring back Gomez.

The team and Gomez have reportedly struck up tenuous negotiations, but Gomez's rumored asking price of $150M over 5 years may force Vancouver to potentially endure the wrath of their fans and hope Gomez doesn't put up another league-best season next year.

Watch the guy play for 10 more years.

garion333 wrote:

Watch the guy play for 10 more years.

Let's hope he goes to the Southern League so I don't have to see him again

New file!

Welp, we re-signed Ramon Gomez. Of course, this means we are now completely financially screwed for the next season or two, but I just REALLY didn't want him to leave and still manage .300-30-100.

Of course, this now means he's going to go .240-15-50 with 160 K's.

But seriously, Vancouver has the league's highest payroll, and like the real-life Yankees, i'm saddled with at least 2-3 albatross contracts. I'll bet money this team will be good enough to get ousted in the first round of the playoffs again.

Hey, you could be like me and not even make the playoffs with 90 some wins.

garion333 wrote:

Hey, you could be like me and not even make the playoffs with 90 some wins.

Lotta that going around these days...

And Pred, I hope that doesn't come back to bite you (well, actually I kind of hope it does ). Guys that age seem to deteriorate almost overnight.

I hope he regrets its for a long, long time.

FYI: On Monday I leave for two weeks of training and I'll be OOTP-less.

So we are simming tonight and that will start free agency. When is the next sim? I will be out of town tomorrow so I'm hoping I will be able to check my team on Friday and make my free agency offers before the next sim.

pizzaddict wrote:

So we are simming tonight and that will start free agency. When is the next sim? I will be out of town tomorrow so I'm hoping I will be able to check my team on Friday and make my free agency offers before the next sim.

For the holiday, i'm going to skip Thanksgiving night. I'll skip Friday night too, if people want (lord knows, I intend to be fairly buzzed for the nest 72 hours).

That said, new file and Olá Agência Livre! (I've been listening to a lot of Sergio Mendes.)

I'm cool with skipping Friday night, good chance I might get stuck at the in-laws for an extra night and be OOTPless.

Lot of crazy money offered today. A lot.

Also, I am fine with whatever.

I'm also fine with whatever!

Wow, the free agent starting pitching is pretty awful. Is this how it usually is in this league, or is this year just not a good year for it?

New file! I did just two days to bring us to the Rule 5 draft. After this, we return to sim-a-week schedule.

hey, none of FA offers went through. I'm pretty positive I uploaded my file. However, if I look in the pending offer section there is nothing there.

Sadly, I can't roll back a sim, and your old file is outdated now. Make your offers again and export to FTP. If they don't go through again, let me know.