GWJ OOTP League Thread

I'm fine with either, but I wouldn't mind switching to an every-other-year upgrade path unless a given year has some amazing feature that we need right away.

billt721 wrote:

I'm fine with either, but I wouldn't mind switching to an every-other-year upgrade path unless a given year has some amazing feature that we need right away.

I like that idea. So would that mean we'd all upgrade to 17 when it drops?

Also, new file, by the by. The international signing period has begun!

I ended up buying OOTP 16 so I'm good wither way. I was going to wait until 17 but was in the mood to play my solo league and didn't want to wait until 17 came out.

Oh f*ck me sideways. I got sucked in by Dragon Age: Inqusition, and forgot about literally anything else.

New file though! The all-star game is upon us! I shall create a mid-season wrapup as soon as I can, assuming I can extricate myself from Thedas.

New file!

Alright, so! Midseason (plus a few games) is upon us! How's it looking?

Well, Boston is atop the NL East, leading Philadelphia by a full 6 games. The evergeen Francis Riley has actually been out for two months with Shoulder Inflammation, and isn't expected to return until August, and yet they are still the division's best team. Their rotation's ERAs look ugly as sin, but they're still racking up W's.

Vancouver sits in their usual place atop the NL West, leading San Francisco by 3 games. Loren Gill is mashing away once more, sitting atop the NABL with 29 HRs and 82 RBIs. But where this team always hit, they're getting some pitching to go with it, German Estrada has 12 wins and a 2nd-in-the-league 2.30 ERA, and Raleigh Brown is doing his usual thing, leading the NABL in pitching WAR.

New Orleans leads the SL East, 3 games ahead of Richmond. They're doing it without a marquee arm in the rotation, which doesn't bode well for their postseason hopes, but does that really matter when you're on pace to set a Franchise record for wins in a season? Three players are batting .327 or better, and the worst bat in the lineup is at .260. Gotta buy a ticket to win the lottery, y'know?

Lastly, Houston leads the SL West, just a half game ahead of San Diego. Houston's done it with some of the best pitching (Best Starting Rotation ERA) and defense (2nd-best Defensive Efficiency) in the league, while San Diego has been belting the snot out of every ball thrown in their direction. Brian Burke's flirting with .400 again, and by the time the season is over, Houston may set a record for stolen bases by a team. This one, of all the races, will be the most interesting going down the stretch.

Any other news? Dallas' Dave Fredericks threw the first no-no in two years, tossing 7 Ks and walking just 2 in a 9-0 crushing of Phoenix. Errol Brown cracked 100 wins this season at 27, and is creeping up on 2000 Ks. Carlos Villa is 9 base-swipes away from 700 all-time, which, if you were wondering, is more than twice as much as the next-closest player.

New frikkity file!

I didn't say new file last night!

New file!

I noticed the Pittsburgh Pierogies went from 5th place of NL East to 3rd by going a respectable 6-4. It didn't hurt when we swept our division bottom dwelling rival Baltimore, and Brooklyn carrying their 16-game losing streak.

We're not making a run for it or anything but I was getting pretty down about my team and this makes it a little bit less embarrassing.

New file!

New file! the season rolls on!

New flippity file! We are moving, slowly, inexorably, towards the playoffs!

Prederick wrote:

New flippity file! We are moving, slowly, inexorably, towards the playoffs!

Some of you are. Some of us are heading, slowly, inexorably, to another offseason.

New file!

New file!

New file! Remember, rosters have expanded!

You know what else has expanded? The number of games I am back in the wild card race. Hey-Ohh!!

New file! Vancouver is the first team to punch their ticket to the postseason, albeit in the oddest way. They have clinched a Wild Card berth, despite being 2 1/2 games off the division lead (San Francisco, what a season eh?)

Wouldn't the team that is 2 1/2 games in front of Vancouver technically have been the first team to punch their ticket to the post season then?

I just pre-ordered OOTP17 on a whim yesterday. I believe they are running the pre-order special ($5 off the regular $39.99) until the end of today.

I wasn't sure if I was really committed to our league for another season but I guess I am now

I have no idea how it works, specifically, with that stuff. I assume it was better handled in 16 (and obviously, 17!)

New file!

And speaking of 17, do we want to move up to 16 for the next season? Or would people be interested in moving right along to OOTP 17?

I just pre-ordered OOTP 17 and I believe it comes with a steam key for an additional copy. I don't really know anyone who'd use it so if one of you guys wants it let me know. Also, I'd love to join your league or be included in any newly forming ones if possible.

Is the steam key really considered an additional copy, or just a steam version of the license you purchased? In other words I don't believe the intention of the steam key is to allow you to give away a copy of the game, but to allow you to install your license on steam if you desire.

Is there still a human owner for the Denver team? I'm trying to get in touch.

Novocain wrote:

Is there still a human owner for the Denver team? I'm trying to get in touch.

There is. That would be me.

What do you want? It is all for sale. Looking for pitching prospects.

The wording around the Steam key is confusing, but it turns out not to be an extra key, it's just so you can activate your own version on Steam.

New file!

The season has ended and we're on to the playoffs! Here's your postseason matchups!

Buffalo v. San Francisco
Vancouver v. Boston

New Orleans v. San Diego
Houston v. Richmond

If you've made the playoffs, please get your Playoff Rosters set!

Now, I am also going to make an executive decision.

We will be upgrading to OOTP 17 soon after it releases.

OOTP 17 drops on March 22, and we will finish our seasons soon afterwards. So here's what we're going to do. When our post-season ends, we will go on a brief hiatus so everyone can get the game, probably about a week. Then we will pick back up with the offseason as normal.

Alternatively, if people want, we can do the postseason and offseason in OOTP 15, and not make the switch to OOTP 17 until the regular season begins (that's the OOTP regular season, not the real-life one, which begins April 3/4.

Hey guys. I'm going to resign as GM of the Phoenix Henchman. With the arrival of my new kid I don't seem to have the necessary free time to keep up with my online leagues.

Good luck!

I'm pretty terrible about checking my team as well. I think I may have to resign after two seasons of futility in Detroit..

Thoughts on this year's feature list?

The hottest thing, to me, is multicore support that will speed up simming.

pizza, Tangle, I've removed the both of you from the game. Both of you know that the door's always open if you want back in though!

BoShock, feel free to drop me a line at Prederick at gmail dot com, and we'll work on getting you in for the next go-round!

So, the playoffs will start on Sunday, so I am assuming everyone in will have updated their teams by then!