GWJ OOTP League Thread

My team is finally starting to get a little healthy and it showed as I went 5-1 that week.

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Y'know, it's July of 2021, we've been playing this league for just over 10 years now, and we STILL haven't had a perfect game? 8 no-hitters, but no perfect games.

I mention this because, back on July 10, Philly's Errol Brown came pretty close, tossing a fantastic, 1-hit, 1-walk, 14 K game against Baltimore. Of this season's Top 5 pitching performances this year, they go

Errol Brown
Francis Riley
Errol Brown
Francis Riley
Errol Brown

I should also mention that Francis Riley's ERA is 1.51. It is mid-July, and Riley is on pace for a career year.

Your surprising Homerun leader? Seattle's 1B Toshiharu Hirata, with 28 HRs. Other notes? Despite the game's best pitchers plying their trade in the Northern League, the Southern league has the better ERA, 4.47 to 4.54. Meanwhile, Brian Burke is back in form, leading the league in Batting Average, On-Base Percentage, Slugging, OPS, wOBA, Hits, Doubles and Extra base hits.

New file! Apologies for the delay. We're stopping just short of a full week sim.

Baltimore, you DFA'd Jorge Hernandez, but he has a Major League contract, so he has to be on the 40-man roster even if you want to demote him. Take care of that?


The Pierogies are awful

Yeah my #3 starter is finally come off the DL! Oh but look, my #2 starter is going to the DL.

I hate you OOTP.

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Time to blow up my team again. Everyone's available except Kyle Mack and Don Glendenning.

Well, my major league team may stink, but Detroit owns ever minor league level

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We are right up to Roster Expansion. I will write up a Pennant Chase preview sometime this weekend, before we sim again.

Also, OOTP 16's in the Steam summer sale, so I'd get on it if I were ya'll, as we'll probably make the move at the of of this season or the next.


Anyway, I promised you all something, so I'm going to fulfill my promise.

GWJSN Pennant Chase Preview

There's 33 days left in the season, and things are finally getting down to the nitty gritty. Each league has 4 playoff spots up for grabs, and as of this writing, 14 teams are within 5 1/2 games of a playoff place, 6 in the Southern League, 8 in the Northern League.

Come with us as we take a quick tour of the league, and see what storylines there are to look out for as the season comes to and end.

Will Loren Gill win his first MVP Award?: The Vancouver 1st Baseman is having a hell of a season, leading the Northern League in Batting Average, OPS, wOBA and leading both leagues in RBIs. The power hitter is on pace for 40 HRs and 150 RBIs, but he's just behind Denver's Will Petty in WAR. The 7-time all-star has been MVP runner-up once, that should change this season.

Can anyone stop Francis Riley?: The game's best pitcher is enjoying a career year this season, having already set career highs in WAR, ERA+, and on pace to do the same for strikeouts and ERA. And this is without being the 15-CG, 7-shutout workhorse he was last season. Boston should make the postseason again this year, and will be a threat solely based on the ability of the most underpaid man in baseball.

What happened in San Diego?: The inquest is already beginning into what went wrong for the Surfers this season. A team expected by most to win their division this year is 63-69, and wasting what might be another .400 season from Brian Burke. Jose Perez has continued being an immense disappointment, and they've got almost no pop in their lineup. Are big changes coming in the offseason?

Can Denver sneak into the postseason?: Just a single game behind Boston in the Wild Card standings, Atoms fans are desperate for a second trip to the postseason, and will be praying that Will Petty, Luis Rodriguez and Jose Rivera will be able to do the things neccessary to get them back in. Look to mid-month, when they'll face Boston in a 3-game series, immediately followed by a 4-game series with Philadelphia. That will almost certainly decide Denver's season.

Antonio Ortiz comes out of nowhere: Well, maybe "out of nowhere" is a little unfair to the man named the league's 34th-best prospect at the start of the season, but Charlotte is in the mix for a postseason spot in no small part thanks to his effort. .294/.367/.492 splits would be great for a five-year vet, for a player in his first season with room to improve, it bodes very, very well.

Big Names Making the Leap?: The great thing about September roster expansion, is that teams get to give new names a shot at impressing on the major league level. There's some great talent in the minors, ready and raring for a chance to take on the big-timers. Here's a few players we expect to see called up soon -

Gilberto Hernandez, CF, Detroit
Li-Zhi Long, RF, New Orleans
Pedro Mendez, SP, Richmond
John Rowland, 3B, Baltimore
Jason Jacobs, RF, Vancouver

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Well, we almost got up to .500.

Not sure if I'm gonna bring up John Rowland just yet.

Because I like losing.

I probably should bring him up and cut some dead weight.

Prederick wrote:

Can Denver sneak into the postseason?:

Very doubtful, the pitching is horrendous. Actually, that is unfair. To all the horrendous things in this world.

Perfect timing. Lost my all star catcher Stanley Mitchell for 5 weeks. This should really help my playoff run. Can I hang onto my 4 1/2 game wildcard lead after losing one of my best offensive players?

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Surprise surprise, I lose my star catcher and my team goes on a 7 game losing streak.

whoa Pred, we must have posted that at almost the same time

Pred if you've PM replied me re: Zapata for some reason I can't read the messages, site's being screwy.

Slumberland wrote:

Pred if you've PM replied me re: Zapata for some reason I can't read the messages, site's being screwy.

I don't think I've even gotten a notification. Lemme check.

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Well this is crazy. Stanley Mitchell got injured on 9/2. Since then my team has gone 3-13 and is now barely holding onto the 2nd wild card spot.

Prior to his injury not only did I have a comfortable lead on the 1st wild card spot, but my team was also 11-4 in the previous 15 games.

I just hope I can hang on to the wildcard so I can get him back for the playoffs.

Denver fading, fading, fading. Pitching: sucking, sucking, sucking.

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There's literally one sim left, and only two playoff spots have been clinched.