The Keys To Happiness - a Steam & Origin (and Desura!) key giveaway and trading thread

Hey. I did a silly thing and bought a Fanatical Mystery bundle before checking what stuff was in it (content on

I got Hitman 2 (i guess base gameo only), which is not my kind of game - but I feel it is still a bit big to just throw out here. (I paid aprox. $15 for 3 games, but it is a $60 game that has been down to $37 in the US).

So, I hope it isn't frowned upon (it also says trade in thread) - but if anyone wants to trade me any one thing on my steam wishlist - I'll give it to the first offer. Yes, even if it is $3 Hexanome, though I probably won't offer to buy you a cup of coffee if I meet you irl ;).

Procedure is:
1) pm me your offer. Members not Coffee Grinders or previous key donators only.
2) I'll accept, send key for Hitman 2 and note it as "Gone" here. Gone
3) You check to see you are happy you got what you were promised.
4) You send me key at your leisure. (can be key, friend and gift, game on other store - whatever is easy for you)
5) I stop buying stupid mystery bundles and save money for games I will play. (promise)

ALSO! So you won't think I'm only in it for teh lootz (well, I guess you could've guessed):
Added to the master key list (for Donators/Non-Coffee Grinders only).

  • Coffin Dodgers: Casual, Racing, Indie, 2015. 71% of 200 on Steam.
  • Dead Effect 2: FPS, Zombie, Co-op, Horror, 2016. 71% of 1100 on Steam.
  • Deadlight: Zombies, Platformer, Adventure, 2012. 79% of 8900 on Steam.
  • Deadlight (second copy)
  • Forward to the Sky: Anime, Action, Adventure, Cute, RPG, 2015. 85% of 1400 on Steam.
  • InnerSpace: Exploration, Relaxing, Flight, 2018. 63% of <50 on Steam.
  • Mainlining: Adventure, Hacking, Typing, 2017. 81% of 150 on Steam. (One more copy available in the master list)
  • Neon Chrome: Cyberpunk, Twin-stick shooter, 2016. 94% of 350 on Steam.
  • Neon Chrome (second copy)
  • Orborun: Racing, Action, Local co-op, 2014. 86% of 15 on Steam.
  • Paranautical Activity Deluxe Atonement Edition: Rogue-like, FPS, Voxel, 2013. 71% of 550 on Steam.
  • Soulblight: Action RPG, Rogue-like, Top-down, 2018. 66% of 27 on Steam.
  • Zombie Kill of the Week - Reborn: Action, Zombies, 2D, Multiplayer, 2015. 94% of 500 on Steam.
  • Zombie Kill of the Week Reborn (second copy)
  • Batman Arkham Origins
  • Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy remastered: Story Rich, Adventure, QTE, 2015/2005. 80% of 2100 on Steam.
  • Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy remastered (second copy)
  • Homeworld Remastered Collection: Space, Strategy, RTS, 2015/1999?. 86% of 5300 on Steam. (There is one more in the key list)
  • HoPiKo: Casual, Action, Platformer, 2017. 100% of 10 on Steam.
  • Layers of Fear:Horror, Horror, Hoororroor..., 2016. 91% of 7200 on Steam.
  • Next Up Hero: Dungeon crawler, Co-op, 2D, 2018. 63% of 57 on Steam.
  • PewDiePie Legend of the Brofist: Memes, Platformer, Co-op, 2D, 2015. 89% of 1000 on Steam.
  • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate: Twin-stick shooter, Physics, 2D, Co-op, 2015. 82% of 64 on Steam.
  • Port Royale 3 Gold
  • Rise of Insanity: Horrrorrr :(, Adventure, 2018. 80% of 410 on Steam.
  • STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords (several more in the master list)
  • The Kings Bird: Platformer, Time Attack, Atmospheric, 2018. 94% of 73 on Steam.
  • Unbox Newbies Adventure: Adventure, Open world, 3D Platformer, 2016. 89% of 200 on Steam.
  • Vertical Drop Heroes HD: Action, Rogue-like, Platformer, 2D, 2014. 77% of 130 on Steam.
BadKen wrote:

Look at this! A Coffee Grinder has to whip you all into shape!

Well done, tormodh!

Prediction: mod by the end of the month.

tormodh, you can also post your offer over here. It's a trading thread.

Thanks to tormodh for the Batman key!

Big thanks to tormodh for KotOR 2 !

eh can't tell if I'm supposed to post, or just add to the list these days so I guess i'll do both?

Small World 2 added to list

tormodh is giving away Homeworld Remastered and no one has taken it. That's a travesty. It's one of the finest space tactics games ever made.

Evanatious wrote:

eh can't tell if I'm supposed to post, or just add to the list these days so I guess i'll do both?

Small World 2 added to list

Super-simple science shows that both is a good way to go about actually getting rid of keys.

maverickz wrote:

tormodh is giving away Homeworld Remastered and no one has taken it. That's a travesty. It's one of the finest space tactics games ever made.

It is gone now, but there is one more copy in the master list, held by the very fine gentleman Bonus_Eruptus.

The real travesty is that there are soooo many good games lavishing in that list, I almost get sad thinking about it.

Got kids and a computer with a touch screen or a pen device? (Or just mouse, by all means)

I say you should get Crayon Physics Deluxe: Casual, Puzzle, Physics, 2009. 91% of 122 on Steam. The prototype was made by Petri Purho as game number 10 of his "one game a month in under 7 days" back in 2007. Just have a look at that video on Steam, this is the wonder of Scribblenaut (before Scribblenaut, and without that text limitation) mixed with the craziness of the Incredible Machine (without the limitation of doing what the developers planned).

Sounds like fun? It is! Pester Tycho the mad, EverythingsTentative or mateo before their keys are gone!

(I feel that this, perhaps, should have been it's own thread... oh, well. Next time.)

I am the lucky one with Homeworld remastered, gonna try as soon as I finished or grow tired of Xcom2. Big thanks to Tormodh. Tack så mycket! Kanon!

Somehow I once grew up with the 'conquer the world with 4 chariots'-idea in Civ 1, and since I stink at all other strategy-games, except chess...

And I second Crayon Physics... Sheer brilliance!

I've added

Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation