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I'll take an invite to the active party. Sounds like some fun!


m0nk3yboy wrote:

Also, I have some pretty long term to-do's to tame around the house. Is it worth dropping all those in now, knowing that I'm working to a September delivery on some of these, or drop them in Month by month?

For long-term to-do's try breaking them up into a checklist. If you have a checklist in the to-do section, when you finally check off the entire to-do, you get credit for each item in the checklist. So even though you see the item get redder and redder as time goes on, you end up with a nice pay off in the end.

Or maybe it will work better for you to structure the item as a daily task. Kind of depends on the item.

Like a to-do "paint the house", could have a checklist including: choose paint color, buy paint and supplies, scrape front of house, scrape sides of house, scrape back of house, actual painting; or "redo living room" could have a daily task of "spend 10 minutes collecting books and DVDs to donate" twice a week for a couple of weeks.

Doc and Anti, invites should be in the void! Sorry for the wait!

Thanks Katy. I'm going to use that checklist to break down my tasks into components, and I'm going to "cherry pick" what tasks I do each month from my master list.

That way I can see my in App list decreasing, knowing that each win is a chip off the main Monster. I'm eating the elephant one bite at a time, but using this app to ensure I'm feasting effectively, and in a targeted area.

So, I'm really benefiting from this App, and I'm wanting to throw some dollars at the creators.

For those of you that do, is it preferable to 'buy a few gems' and then rely on random drops to upgrade your animals, etc. or does the subscription model work out beneficial?

I realise this is a very personal return on investment question, but putting it out there any way as I'm curious if anyone views this as a serious yearly sub (like your Evernote, or similar) or if it's a 'couple of bucks' kind of thing for you?

New to this, add me? b545fe21-ecd6-4af0-84f4-3e233d4be54a

Hobear wrote:

New to this, add me? b545fe21-ecd6-4af0-84f4-3e233d4be54a

I just sent you through an invite Hobear. Great timing as we've just finished one quest, and we're just discussing which one to tackle next!

Seems that the app and the site are both down today?

Hobear wrote:

Seems that the app and the site are both down today?

Is wondering why we were "all sleeping"

Yeah it is back up. Looks like they put everyone in the Inn so you don't take or cause damage.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Yeah it is back up. Looks like they put everyone in the Inn so you don't take or cause damage.

I like that. I got a really good response from the Devs over some other item I emailed them about.

I've taken the plunge and subscribed, (if you hadn't noticed the Jackalope). I've used this far more than some other systems I've used in the past, and spread over 12 months, it's "less than a coffee a month" for me. That extra bit of care and attention to the end users went a long way towards my decision.