"The One?" Webseries Teaser on Youtube Created by Gaald

So most of you probably know I have been developing a web series, for a while now, and I filmed a teaser for it a while back. Today I applied for funding with a production fund I was told about and part of the application process is to post a teaser for the series on youtube. They will be tracking the video over the next month and so I could use some help getting the word out.

If you got a few minutes, please go check out the video here. It was filmed on next to no budget, in only two and half days, and I am pretty proud of how it all turned out.

Share it, Like it, Subscribe, post a comment! Tweet about it! Help me drive some traffic to the video, please!

And thanks for the support!

Best of luck!

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As before, hope this goes well.

Looks good!

With a little over a week left, I thought I might give this post a bump. If you haven't seen the video yet please help by sharing the link with your friends. We have until the end of the month to drive as much traffic to the page as possible, and get people posting comments etc.

If all goes well we will be shortlisted for phase 2 of the application process and that much closer to getting the funding we need to film a 1st season of the webseries. Thanks!


Watched it from multiple, different sources. Good work and good luck!